Volume 4 Issue 3 - 2002

Special Features

The Best Horse Camp Ever - Parelli's Horsemanship Experience Week

Regardless of your age, level of horsemanship, physical abilities (and inabilities), gender, weight, and current attitude and beliefs, you qualify for the best horse camp ever - Pat and Linda Parelli's Horsemanship Experience Week. I did! This exclusive week-long course is open to anyone with the desire to improve his or her horsemanship skills and experience ultimate communication and connection with horses - naturally. Instead of a typical vacation, why not try a horse-filled learning experience? Not that it isn't like a vacation - with the scenery, exceptional facilities, rustic cabin life (or nearby hotel if you insist), and the wholesome exercise that comes with the territory, you will be able to forget your worries and cares and focus on horses and a new kind of horse-man-ship. Scrumptious meals are prepared three times daily, leaving you with the only responsibility of enjoying yourself to the limit (and then some)!


Essential Oils for Moving to A New Home
By Catherine Bird

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils, pure plant extracts usually obtained by distillation, to assist your horse in maintaining a balanced physical body and emotional state of being. Horses are creatures of habit and enjoy a regular routine; when something comes along to disrupt this routine such as a move to a new farm, you can use the aromas from essential oils to assist make the transition gentle and welcoming for your horse.

Hoofcare Highlights

Can You Overload A Barefoot Hoof?

Opinions of Dr. Hiltrud Strasser

To speak of a barefoot hoof, we must first describe what we mean by this. A barefoot hoof is not one that is just "missing a shoe". For this discussion, it is either a wild hoof, naturally optimal or it is a healthy hoof trimmed to certain specifications that replicate this natural, physiologically correct form. Correct form and function yield correct horn production and therefore coffin bone suspension. In such a case the horse exhibits no locomotion problems, does not go lame, stumble, walk with shortened strides, etc. This also implies that there is sufficient movement on appropriate terrain to place consistent demand on the hoof and its tissues. Any neglected, improperly formed or recently shod hoof will not have physiologically optimal horn and tissue production or ideal hoof function.

Barn Buddies

By Shawn Messonnier, DVM

Each year, veterinarians send out many reminder cards for annual visits to their dog and cat owners. More often than not, the emphasis is on vaccinating the pet to make sure it is "current on its shots." While vaccines can help decrease infectious diseases, it's time we shift our focus from "annual shots" and instead focus on total health care for our pets.

As new research shows us that annual immunizations may not be needed for every pet, it's time to take a more holistic approach to this important topic. And when you realize that most pets die of chronic disorders such as heart, liver, and kidney disease, our emphasis should be on prevention and early detection of these problems rather than infectious problems such as parvovirus and distemper.

A peaceful scene that has become rare due to political unrest in war-ridden Zimbabwe, Africa. Many people have fled for their lives leaving behind starving, injured, and sick horses, some of whom have been rescued and brought to a safer zone in and around Bulawayo, Matabeleland, where a team of concerned individuals are busily attending to them.

Bulawayo Horse Rescue Effort
PO Box 1744
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
(263) 88 662 or (263) 9 64128
Fax: (263) 9 64128
Email: zindele@ecoweb.co.zw




Learning in progress at the Parelli International Study Center during Horsemanship Experience Week in June 2001.

From Water to Wellness: The Use of Blue Green Algae and Kelp Supplements in Equine Diets
By Rachel Hairston

Homoeopathics to Alleviate Pain In Equines
By Tanya Nolte

Herbal Detox and Milk Thistle Seed
By Patti Duffy Salmon

In Essence
A Series on Various Essential Oils for Animals
By Nayana Morag


Stable Environment
FDA/AAFCO Spring Fling
Editorial by Mary Ann Simonds
Equine Behavioral Ecologist

For the Rider
In Search of Ease - Somatics for the Horse and Rider
By Rebecca Bentley


Kidz' Korner
Alternative Therapies Made Simple, Part 3

Case Histories
Finding the Best Remedy for Monte - Kali Carbonicum
By Anahi Zlotnik, MV

Creative Corral


From the Editor
Silly Laws

Straight From The Horse's Mouth

Book Bits & Video 'Views

Pony Express
A "Barn Visit Day" for Barefoot Horses
By Marjorie Smith
Expert Exchange
Martha Olivo on the Hooves

Molly McMule's Horse Tales


Hiltrud Strasser, DrVetMed
Shawn Messonnier, DVM
Anahi Zlotnik, MV
Catherine Bird
Tanya Nolte
Patti Duffy-Salmon
Nayana Morag
Rebecca Bentley
Rachel Hairston
Martha Olivo
Marjorie Smith
Sandy Paul
Mary Ann Simonds