Volume 4 Issue 4 - 2002

Special Features

A New Angle on Hoof Wall Growth
By KC La Pierre, RJF, EP

Hoof wall growth is a simple function of the equine foot - or is it? We have been taught that the hoof wall grows from hairline to ground, but when KC La Pierre began to remove horseshoes and transition horses to barefoot, he began to notice a number of changes occurring that somehow challenged the accepted beliefs of how the hooves grow.

Hoofcare Highlights

Hoofcare for the New Millennium:
Dr. Strasser at Tufts University

This landmark conference brought panelists and attendees from all over the US. The purpose of the conference was to enhance understanding of the controversial bare foot hoofcare methods proposed by the German veterinarian, Dr. Hiltrud Strasser, and to provide a forum for their fair but rigorous review by a panel of expert veterinarians and farriers.

For the Rider

On ‘Mouth Irons’, ‘Hoof Cramps’, and the Dawn of the Metal-Free Horse
By Robert Cook, FRCVS, PhD

Two of the most sensitive and functional areas of the horse are the hooves and the mouth, yet rigid metal is typically applied to these vital areas. These and other common practices are being scrutinized by many horse caretakers today, as they have been hundreds of years before now by a small few.



Profile of the Homoeopathic Remedy Nat-Mur
By Tanya Nolte

The homeopathic remedy Natrum mur is an extraordinary remedy with profound action, but it is made from ordinary salt.





Herbal Alternatives - Safely Substituting Herbs
By Shelly Moore


Practical Aromatherapy
By Lyn Palmer

In Essence

Clary Sage
By Nayana Morag

Stable Environment

Herbal Anthelmintics and Your Horse
By Patti Duffy-Salmon


What Every Rider Needs to Know About Equine Dentistry
By Nancy Camp

Expert Exchange

Martha Olivo on the Bars and Navicular Syndrome

Case Histories

Balancing Teeth Solves Trailer Trauma
By Susan Ajamian

Kidz’ Korner

Alternative Therapies Made Simple, Part 4

Molly McMule's Horse Tales

When I grow Up



Pony Express

Navicular Syndrome: Incurable? Maybe not…
By Claire C. Cox-Wilson

Of Interest

A Strategy for Going Barefoot with Minimal Transition Soreness
By Marjorie Smith

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From the Editor

Victory for the Horse


Robert Cook, FRCVS, PhD
KC La Pierre, RJF, EP
Tanya Nolte
Lyn Palmer
Shelly Moore
Patti Duffy-Salmon
Nayana Morag
Martha Olivo
Claire C. Cox-Wilson
Nancy Camp
Susan Ajamian
Marjorie Smith