From The Editor


We've Moved!

If you haven't already noticed, we skipped an issue. Issue 5 is here, but it was bumped into the future by 6 weeks. We hope this wasn't a terrible inconvenience for anyone. That is approximately how long it took for our move to be completed and for us to get settled in and back on track. So 2002 will have only 7 issues instead of the originally scheduled 8. Fear not; subscriptions are set up by number of issues, so nobody will be shorted!

The cats have adjusted (after the boss cat's temporary reluctance to leave the old farm) and the horses have adapted well. P-pot, the 46-year-old, had a mishap the day before moving and is recovering slowly but surely, with the help of an array of holistic modalities. He trailered like the true polo pony veteran that he is and rode well in spite of his injuries, never really depending on the sling we used. He already knows the way to the alfalfa field, and found the former resident's missing cat in it (alive and well, of course)!

The neighbors welcomed us with a cute little bucket of home-made horse cookies (made from real horses – just kidding, made just FOR horses) and timely, generous help. They even helped round up the escaped herd one morning, and helped me roll P-pot to his good side so he could get up after a nap. What are friends and neighbors for?? Many THANKS to them all. It would have been a tough move without all their help.

We are already enjoying our new surroundings immensely (especially since we finally got a rain shower), and we look forward to having many fun get-togethers and horsey times with our new friends and neighbors. We will even have more help with the magazine. So please keep up the good work of letting us know what you want to read about in future issues of Natural Horse!