Volume 5 Issue 1 - 2003

Amazing Aromatherapy

Immune System Enhancing Essential Oils
By Catherine Bird

Your horse’s body often gets compromised by microorganisms. Aromatherapy can be used to help your horse with any infection, however it is adjunctive to your horse’s veterinarian care, so the suggestions in this article are for your information and not to replace his advice.

Feature Article

"If Your Horse Could Talk" Radio Show:

Interview with Linda Parelli at the 2002 Parelli Savvy Conference

By Lisa Ross-Williams

Lisa: I’m Lisa Ross-Williams, host of the "If Your Horse Could Talk" radio show and I’m honored to have the privilege to talk to Linda Parelli here at the 2002 Parelli Savvy Conference. "If Your Horse Could Talk" is a weekly radio show which Promotes Natural Horse Care Through Knowledge.

First Linda, thanks so much for inviting me into your beautiful house and taking time out of your crazy schedule. I know you’re very busy. Let’s jump right into this. What is the main goal of the Parelli Natural Horsemanship program?


In Training

When Do You Start Training?
By Dan Sumerel

In my previous articles you have read about the importance of getting the horse's attention, earning his respect, developing your ability to 'read' his body language, and so on. We talked about using the round pen and a lot of other ideas, some quite philosophical, to help you better understand your horse. But we haven't really addressed the idea of 'when should the training start?' We need to talk about that and understand that there are actually two ways to define the question itself: 1) What age should you begin training a horse? and 2) When you get a new, adult horse, when do you start working with him? Here, as in all other areas of my horse work, I'd like to try to get you to be as aware and considerate of the horse's perspective and needs as you are of what you need to get the horse to do for you.


Feed Facts and Fancies


Sage’s Story
By Jane Suraci

As I stood sobbing in her stall, Sage lay on the ground once again, unable to get up. I had asked her to keep trying for too long and I was just then deciding I couldn’t ask for any more. My rule had always been that if my animals could live a fairly normal and pain-free life, I would support them. If not, it was my responsibility to put them out of their misery. It was April 3, 2001. I was trying to prepare for her last trip to the equine center the next day. After just four short months of knowing her, it was time to let Sage go and it was breaking my heart.

For over 100 years, Ryerss has provided aged and abused horses with a life-long home. We depend greatly on the generosity of friends like you. Visit www.Ryerss.com to learn more.

Ryerss Farm for Aged Equines
1710 Ridge Road
Pottstown, PA 19465
610-469-0537 fax
Photo © Alix Coleman





Road Trip!
By Amy Snow & Nancy Zidonis

Barn Buddies

Natural Therapies for Controlling Parasites in Dogs and Cats
By Shawn Messonnier, DVM


Alternatives for Competitive Horses with EIPH
By Loryhl Goodman

Spotlight on Equine Touch

Respect Is A Two-Way Street
By Jock Ruddock


Stable Environment

My Horse Crowds Me
By GaWaNi Pony Boy

For the Rider

Charles Harris - A Personal Memoir
By Walter Carrington


Join A Homeopathic Study Group!

Kidz’ Korner

Herbs for Healthy Horses
By Christina Blume


In Essence

By Nayana Morag

From the Editor

A Christmas to Remember

Special Features

Interview With Chuck Mintzlaff of the Official Texas Pony Express
By Gwenyth Browning Jones Santagate


The Equine Balance Equation:
What It Is And Why It's Important To You and Your Horse

By Beth Brown

Pony Express

Does The Horse Have A Choice?
By Art Aungst

Case Histories

Chester - A Case History
By Lyn Palmer

Do It Yourself!

Make A Comfrey Poultice

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Nayana Morag
Amy Snow & Nancy Zidonis
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