Fun With Flowers - Making And Using Flower Essences
By Shelly Moore

I first learned about flower essences, and how powerful they could be, in the early 80's when my dog had an emergency and the vet administered Rescue Remedy®. At the time I thought it was just another 'medicine'. It wasn't until several years later, while working with Robyn Hood, of the TTEAM Canada office, that I got a more formal education on Rescue Remedy® and the many great things it can help with. From then on there has been no looking back. I attended many classes with Mary Ann Simonds to get a good feel of flower essences, or vibrational remedies, then I started attending other classes and clinics. To say the least my flower essence usage blossomed.

Freshly picked calendula, pink and red rose, white sage

I eventually started making my own essences in the late 1990's and have been having a lot of fun making essences since then. My belief system has made a few subtle shifts and I began to look at the bigger picture of essences. I believe that a flower essence is not just a 'flower essence' but an essence made up of the entire environment from which that essence was conceived. So, it is more of an environmental essence.

If the bumble bee, butterfly, hummingbird, or the plant next door touched the bowl of flower water while it was in the process of being made, then that being's essence must also be a part of the overall 'blend'. Mary Ann introduced the possibility of making essences of place, mineral, tree, plant, and animals to me a few years ago. What in the past seemed like science fiction now seems like a whole new reality in the present. I have found that making and using essences can help you live more in the present moment.

For me, making my own essences has been an enlightening and joyful experience. I realized that I had a unique 'relationship' with the 'beings' that made up my essences. I also realized that I did not go out and just start picking flowers and throwing them in a bowl to sun cure in a haphazard manner. I have a sort of pattern that I go through while making the essences, and it seems that I hardly vary from this pattern when I make my very best essences. I believe that I adopted this pattern based on an old worksheet from a Mary Ann Simonds clinic. Unfortunately, I cannot find the worksheet…. and I never throw that sort of thing away.

Flowers of columbine, comfrey, African purple daisy, and gaillardia in the sun-curing process

After trying to analyze my essence-making pattern I have come up with the following guidelines I use for making essences.

  1. Hang out with the plants, animals, minerals etc. that you plan to make your essence from. Try to really tune in to that being's energy. If you meditate you might simply do a quick walking or sitting meditation while you are with the being you wish to make an essence of.
  2. Let the plants 'talk' to you. Let them help guide you to which blossom to choose for the essence. I found letting my mind wander and being with the plants instead of being the outsider looking in helped me to choose which flower to use more easily.
  3. Allow yourself to have fun! This can make the difference between a good essence and a really sparkly lively energetic essence. With practice you can learn to tell the difference between the two.
  4. Use a clear glass bowl, unless your intention is to infuse the essence with a specific color vibration. If you are infusing the essence with color then use that color of bowl or glass. A wine glass of the appropriate color also works well.
  5. Use the best possible water available for the essence. I like artesian well water or fresh spring water; unfortunately these can be hard to carry with you while traveling, or just plain hard to find in this day and age. If you have trouble locating a good quality water you could resort to distilled water, as it is usually widely available, and although it is essentially 'dead' water, it is without impurities or pollution. If used, really energize the essence with extra time spent succussing.
  6. Take your time. You are helping to create something that can potentially last many years!
  7. Once you have selected your flower blossoms, cut or pick them and carefully place them on the surface of the water. Try not to touch the water so they stay afloat, but if they don't float the essence will still be fine. Then find the appropriate place in which to set the essence 'in process'. This should be a spot that receives some sunshine, although I have made really neat essences in total darkness. Take into account the entire environment. Is it peaceful, relaxing, and refreshing? Are you enjoying being there? Is this a place you would like to come back to?
  8. While the essence is sun curing, or moon curing as the case may be, relax and enjoy this quiet time. The curing can take anywhere from one hour to several hours. So you have to trust your intuition as to when it is 'done'. When making essences while on a tight time schedule, I set the intention that I need to have this essence be 'done to perfection' by this human time standard. For the most part the plants have been really cooperative and the essences done perfectly by the appointed time.
  9. When you have determined the essence to be ready, have some sterile stock bottles with preservative ready to be filled. I use alcohol, usually brandy, as my preservative. You can use raw apple cider vinegar or glycerin, but I have found essences made with these are more easily contaminated. I fill my bottles half full with the preservative and the rest with the mother essence that has been created.
  10. Carefully remove the flower (or whatever material you are using) from the sunbath of water. Pour the 'mother essence' into the stock bottle that you have prepared. Fill the bottle with the mother essence to about ¼"- ½" from the top, to allow for displacement of the dropper.
  11. Screw the lid on tightly and succuss the bottle. The succussion combines the preservative with the essence, while adding energy to your newly created essence. To succuss you lightly tap the bottom of the bottle on the heel of your hand in a straight up and down or vertical motion.
  12. You can use the 'mother essence' directly or you can dilute the mother essence into a stock essence for everyday use, thereby making your mother essence potentially last for years. To make a stock bottle from the mother essence I prepare another bottle with 50% alcohol for preservative and about 25% fresh spring water, and 4 –6 drops of the mother essence. I succuss this mixture for 1-2 minutes, after you do this a few hundred times you will actually feel the energy of the essence through the bottle…it feels sparkly or effervescent.

Sunshine, pure water, a friendly environment, and flowers make wonderful essences.

You have just created your first essence. Congratulations! Now, you get to taste or use your essence. If you have used alcohol as your preservative you will probably taste only the alcohol when you try your essence.

There are many ways to administer essences to yourself and your pets. Basically you are limited by your imagination. One of the ways I regularly administer essences is in our drinking water. For a 5-gallon water bucket I add ½ a dropper full of essence. For a 100-gallon water trough I use 2 droppers full of stock essence.

Bottled essences – dated, labeled, and ready for use. Marigold, Rose, Calendula, African Purple Daisy, Columbine, White Sage, Comfrey, Gaillardia

I also use a spray bottle instead of a dropper bottle and spray the area I want to be affected. I have done this with success for crate training dogs, trailer training for horses, and introducing horses to a new stall or paddock area. I have even used it in an office situation, when my supervisor was particularly stressed. In that situation I saw a marked difference in posture, and a slight difference in attitude.

You can TTouch or massage into painful areas of the body. Use it post surgically as a hot or cold compress to the surgical site, when cleaning the surgical site (a few drops of essence in a sink full of water).

For yourself after a hard or stressful day, you can add a few drops to your bath water. Or have a large glass of water with essences in it at your bedside for the midnight drink of water most of us seem to need.

When we brought home our mustang from the BLM auction, I sprayed the entire trailer with Rescue Remedy® and Cooperation essence. I can honestly say our horse loaded the best out of all of the horses I watched being loaded. Was it a coincidence or was it the flower essences?

About the author:
Shelly Moore, a freelance author and owner of Full Circle Farm in Creswell, Oregon, is a TTEAM/TTouch practitioner who teaches Holistic Horse Care classes. For over 10 years, she has been making and using flower essences, as well as using alternative and natural horse care principles and products including herbs, TTouch, TTEAM, and other bodywork. She is available for telephone consultations, clinics, classes, and private healing sessions at 541-895-3196 and, or visit