Volume 5 Issue 2 - 2003

Feed Facts and Fancies

Mutations and Corn and Diabetes, Oh My!
By Blaize Malone

Despite the reservations of many scientists, corporations have been permitted to generate and distribute genetically mutated staple foods like corn, soy, potatoes and tomatoes - without labeling them as such, and with little or no testing for their safety and long-term effects. Acupuncture is revealing some interesting findings regarding diabetes, GMO corn, and more.

Special Features

Fun With Flowers - Making And Using Flower Essences
By Shelly Moore

A flower essence is not just a 'flower essence' but an essence made up of the entire environment from which that essence was conceived. Making your own essences can be an enlightening, joyful, fun, and rewarding experience that will benefit both you and your animals.


Feature Article

Another Chance 4 Horses Presents “A Natural Way” Seminars

Gatherings with natural experts may currently be few and infrequent, but times are changing. Another Chance 4 Horses, a not-for-profit horse rescue, will make an adoption weekend into a fun and educational event - by adding into the schedule several presentations by horse experts who do things NATURALLY… April 12 and 13, 2003.


Emma enjoys a moment while Wendy Price stands with Gem, a lesson horse at BrickAlley Therapeutic Riding Association.
Photo by Jasmine Ona McPherson

BrickAlley, operated by Michael and Wendy Price, is in its first year as a service to others through hippotherapy. Now registered as a non-profit society, and in the process of filling the requirements to become a non-profit charity, BTRA provides specialized riding lessons to people with disabilities, and children who are at risk. BTRA's goal is to help these individuals to live life with dignity, equality, and independence by providing individual and family focused services, at a reasonable cost. Read more inside this issue.

BrickAlley Therapeutic Riding Association
1680 Anaconda Road
PO Box 552
Greenwood, BC, V0H 1J0
(250) 445-2273




High Touch? Jin Shin -
Energy Balancing for Your Horse

By Nancy Camp

In Training

My Horse Moves When I Try to Get On
By GaWaNi Pony Boy

Spotlight on Equine Touch

The Equine Touch
By Cheryl Sellers

Stable Environment

"The Trail Less Traveled" –
A Straight-From-the-Heart New Music CD by Mary Ann Kennedy

Interview by NHM

For the Rider

Make A Plan For Riding Success
By Laura Boynton King


A Horse With Chronic Colic Treated With Homeopathy
By Anahí Sara Zlotnik, MV

Kidz’ Korner

10 Basic Flower Essences
for Behavioral First Aid for Horses

By Christina Blume


From the Editor

A Natural Way – Coming April 12 and 13, 2003


The Equine Balance Equation,
Part 1: Proper Equine Dental Care

By Beth Brown

Pony Express

Providing Special Opportunities – on Horseback!

By Mary Relkov

Book Bits and Video Views

Molly McMule


Creative Corral


Anahí Sarah Zlotnik, MV
Mary Ann Kennedy
Beth Brown
Nancy Camp
Cheryl Sellers
Mary Relkov
Blaize Malone
GaWaNi Pony Boy
Shelly Moore
Christina Blume
Laura Boynton King