Volume 5 Issue 4 - 2003

Feature Article

Ride & Tie – The “Share-A-Ride” Sport
Interview with Carol Ruprecht

Steadily gaining national attention and popularity, the sport of Ride & Tie is over 150 years old. Horses really enjoy this type of competition, and it is more natural for them than most, for a number of reasons. You too can get involved in this fun and healthy sport. Photo by Melanie Walker

Special Features

“If Your Horse Could Talk” Interview With Buck Brannaman

By Kenny Williams; Prepared by Lisa Ross-Williams

Buck says, “Quite often the thing that brings people to clinics is the fact they’ve already been in trouble with the horse. They’re afraid and have lost confidence. The only way to overcome fear and become more confident is to be able to learn more about the horse and where he’s coming from.”


Feed Facts and Fancies

Diatomaceous Earth

By Heather Smith Thomas

Diatomaceous earth, composed of silica, is a more natural way to supplement calcium, in a form the body can utilize. Silica in the diet is important for the strength of body cells, helping maintain tissue integrity and elasticity.


For the Rider

Back in the Saddle Again

By MaryAnn McCarter

MaryAnn McCarter is now performing better than ever, thanks to Egoscue-cises. Whether you have small nagging aches, or major debilitating pains, your postural alignment is the key to keeping them at bay, and like MaryAnn, keeping yourself in the saddle.
Photo by Cathrin Cammett


Tranquility Farm Equestrian Education and Renewal Center, Inc. is designed to leverage the therapeutic relationship between equines and humans. We administer a program in which qualified persons are taught the basics of horsemanship using riding lessons, trail riding, leasing, seminars, and boarding, and through which such persons and equines develop a relationship that, for both species, renews trust in others and confidence in themselves. The Renewal Center’s first and dominant activity will be establishing and administering appropriate programs that bring together rescued equines and persons suffering from physical, mental or emotional injury, for mutual therapeutic benefit.
501(c)(3) application pending

Tranquility Farm
Equestrian Education and Renewal Center, Inc.
21112 Chrisman Hill Ct.
Boyds, MD 20841
301-540-LIFE (5433)
301-528-7764 fax




Energy Remedies

Magneto Geometric Remedies - Coded Message Bearers
By Sylvia Schmid

In Training

The Bit
By GaWaNi Pony Boy

Stable Environment

Success With Horses Begins and Ends with One Word: Leadership
By David Shoe

Case Histories

The Story About Gus
By Scott Dove


Building a Better Relationship with Your Horse through Communication
By Susan Amundson

Barn Buddies

Immune System Support in Pets
By Shawn Messonnier, DVM

Equine CranioSacral

Intellect and Intuition in Equine Craniosacral Therapy
By E. Bailey Tune


Hoofcare Highlights

First Aid for Laminitis
By Ellen Horowitz

Pony Express

Life On the Northern Range
By Kimball Lewis

Molly McMule’s Horse Tales - 1001 Stall Stories

Miles of Mules

Book Bits and Video Views

From the Editor

Taking Action

Of Interest

Gene Ovnicek and Natural Balance® Hoof Trimming Come to Pennsylvania


Shawn Messonnier, DVM
GaWaNi Pony Boy
Buck Brannaman
Kenny and Lisa Williams
Heather Smith Thomas
Carol Ruprecht
Kimball Lewis
Susan Amundson
Scott Dove
David Shoe
MaryAnn McCarter
E. Bailey Tune
Ellen Horowitz
Sylvia Schmid