Noni: A Healthy Choice from Paradise
By Charlotte Rooks

When your horses are healthy it seems everything in the world runs with a wonderful precision. You can enjoy your afternoon trail ride or prepare for your next show. However, when illness or injury visits your barn, chaos seems to ensue.

There are a myriad of illnesses or injuries that might plague your horse. This article will touch on one solution that works for many of the top concerns of horse owners. It will introduce you to an all-natural product proven to help with many diseases and many injuries.

Some horses are constantly cutting themselves and others are prone to infection, muscle stiffness or tendon and ligament injuries. You might choose to remedy the situation with your favorite ointment or veterinarian-prescribed NSAID (non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug). Although you realize that the use of any chemical or synthetic drug on your animal has the potential for negative side effects - such as gastrointestinal ulceration (especially of the stomach and large colon), liver stress, kidney damage, bleeding disorders or allergic reactions - what other choice do you have?

In recent years, the popularity of all-natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant products has risen throughout the country for humans. Now vets and animal lovers are also realizing the benefits of such products for their customers and beloved pets. Used on a regular basis, natural products with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties have demonstrated remarkable success in the treatment of injuries and infections...all without the negative side effects of most medications.

The primary role of anti-oxidant nutrients is to minimize the formation of harmful free radicals and to destroy or neutralize those produced. This is a totally normal metabolic process occurring constantly within the body. Sometimes though, the rate of oxidation and the rate of free radical production are greatly increased. It is imperative during these times to give your horse an extra supply of antioxidant nutrients or cell damage can result. Illness or injury soon follow unless precautions are taken.

Physical exertion is the major contributor to free radical production in performance horses. While exercise is essential to the health of any horse, it can also dramatically increase oxidation and free radical production as huge amounts of oxygen are consumed to produce energy to fuel the working muscles of an exercising horse. A healthy thoroughbred will consume around 2.2 liters of oxygen per minute when resting, and 67 liters of oxygen per minute at a fast gallop. Therefore, the more exercise your horse gets, the greater the need for antioxidant nutrients.

Not surprisingly, stress and nervousness also increase the rate of body metabolism - therefore nervous horses have a higher requirement for antioxidant nutrients. Both emotional and physical stress (a constant companion at horse events) is known to increase the production of free radicals.

Any injury, inflammation or infection may lead to increased levels of free radicals that can worsen or prolong the disease process. During recovery from illness or injury a supplementary source of antioxidant nutrients will help to boost the immune system and hasten recovery.

One anti-inflammatory and antioxidant product that has had amazing results, particularly with horses, is the juice from the exotic fruit called noni, or noni juice. The noni , Morinda citrifolia , also known as Indian Mulberry, is a small evergreen shrub or tree, The noni fruit, which resembles a small breadfruit, grows to 3 or 4 inches in diameter, turning from green to yellow then white as it ripens. This unique fruit, although it has a very unpleasant odor when ripe, provides many benefits.

Dr. Ralph Heinicke, a noted American biochemist, discovered that a certain alkaloid he called Xeronine may play a key role in encouraging proper cell function and growth in the body. Xeronine is formed in the large intestine, where a chemical reaction occurs between Proxeronine and Proxeronase. These two substances exist in abundance in the noni fruit.

Through a series of biochemical processes, Xeronine improves the ability of the horse's body to make use of nutrients in the food and serves to help abnormally functioning cells resume normal function and assist normal cells to maintain their normal behavior. It is its activity at the cellular level that allows noni to enhance and benefit the horse in a variety of ways.

Take for instance, the championship quarterhorse mare who was badly injured in an accident. At the scene, a local veterinarian gave the mare's chance of survival at less than 2%. Three months later though, the mare was running like an antelope because her owner combined the effectiveness of noni juice (topically and orally) with surgery.

This is just one amazing story. There are many other testimonials that advocate the use of this unique juice. You can find them at - a site for the International Noni Communication Council which is an independent organization specializing in noni.

Charmayne James, 11-time world champion barrel racer, found when she used noni juice for her horses, at a minimum, their energy level increased. Good results were also found in horses with chronic problems such as arthritis. Says Charmayne, "I've found that for my horses, they maintain really well on 3oz of noni twice a day during the weekends that I run. You'll notice an increase in their energy level in about 5 days. For horses that have chronic problems such as arthritis, the noni will take longer to make them feel better." Charmayne says to "STICK WITH IT.....I've seen real good results in arthritis with dogs and horses! Good Luck!"

When trying to decide how much noni to give your horse, use the following guidelines from an equine specialist:

1 oz twice a day when they are not working

2 oz twice a day for athletes

4 oz twice a day 2-3 days before a race, barrel race, etc.

6-8 oz twice a day during race day or throughout a weekend's events

Another useful tool for calculating noni dosages for your horse(s) is the calculator at

Noni juice has wonderful effects on the immune system - without any toxicity - which are compounded by the nutritional values of additional natural ingredients. Noni juice allows your horse's system to create the daily wellness he or she deserves; it is a safe and effective approach to maintain and improve your horses' overall health.

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About the author:

Charlotte Rooks lives in the beautiful Willamette Valley in Oregon with her two teenage daughters and 17 animals (guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, dogs, a fish, birds and a mustang mare). Charlotte has worked with horses for more than four decades and has personally seen noni help many animals successfully combat infections, arthritis, joint pain, respiratory problems, and tumors.