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Shiatsu Therapy for Horses:

Know Your Horse and Yourself Better through Shiatsu

By Pamela Hannay
Copyright 2002, Pamela Hannay
ISBN 0-85131-847-9
Published by J. A. Allen
Clerkenwell House
45-47 Clerkenwell Green
London , EC1R OH
Distributed by Trafalgar Square
N. Pomfret , VT
Hardcover, 8" x 10", 274 pages

"Shiatsu Therapy for Horses" is a comprehensive guide to improving understanding and communication with one's horse through touch, and more specifically with Shiatsu, a hands-on healing art that originated in Asia . Pamela Hannay has efficiently arranged this wealth of information into five successive parts: Preparation, Equine Awareness, Shiatsu Techniques, The Meridians - Characteristics and Charts, and Treatment Advice and Procedures. Each section contains very detailed and explicit descriptions and explanations, making it easy for the reader to learn and apply the techniques and exercises. The book is packed with helpful photographs and diagrams, color and black and white, to support the text descriptions and enhance understanding. "Shiatsu Therapy for Horses" is like a course manual - it covers just about everything one needs to know to learn and practice Shiatsu. It also contains case studies and a helpful index.

Pamela's vast knowledge and experience are evident throughout these pages, as are her compassion for the horse and her desire to help create a happier life for horses and people. This book is a most informative and pleasant read for anyone interested in touching horses in a gentle and natural way.

Learning Their Language:

Intuitive Communication with Animals and Nature

By Marta Williams
Copyright 2003, Marta Williams
ISBN 1-57731-243-0
New World Library
14 Pamaron Way
Novato , CA 94949
Paperback, 5" x 8, 320 pages
Approx $15 US

"Learning Their Language" is a beautifully written book full of heartwarming and thought-provoking stories about communications with animals. It is also an instruction book containing techniques and exercises for both experienced communicators and those who want to learn to communicate with animals. Marta believes that anyone can do this, and that we are all born with this intuitive ability.

Though intuition is a skill that comes with practice, this book gives the reader step-by-step instructions to get started, and enables one to begin to understand and communicate with the animals. It consists of five parts: The World of Intuitive Communication, Getting Started, Advanced Techniques, Practical Applications, and Communicating with Nature. It also contains Suggested Reading, an index, and resources for more information.

Marta's delightful book is an inspiration, and it demonstrates clearly why, and how, anyone can communicate with the animals. She has given us the instructions for learning to hear the animals; now it is up to us to listen. This book is a must-have for any animal lover.


The Mythology of Horses:

Horse Legend and Lore Throughout the Ages
By Gerald and Loretta Hausman
Copyright 2003, Gerald and Loretta Hausman
ISBN: 0-609-80846-X
Three Rivers Press
New York , New York
Paperback, 6" x 9", 288 pages
Approx. $15 US

"The Mythology of Horses" honors the horse's contribution to human history, recounting tales from around the world and myths from throughout the ages. Gerald and Loretta explore various breeds - from Africa , Asia , North America , Europe , South America , and the Caribbean - and present background information on the origin of each species. According to mythology, we humans were long ago joined in bone and sinew, in spirit and flesh to all that is equine. Other thought-provoking myths and historical accounts such as cave paintings indicate a mystical connection and reverence to the horse.

This book contains a wealth of interesting information and includes storytellers' tales (from famous horse owners, Olympic equestrians, breeders, cowboys, and others) unique history, intriguing mythology, and insightful literature pertaining to each of the geographical area groupings of horses. A bibliography and helpful index are included. This is a fascinating and captivating book for any horse admirer.



Prevention and Cure the Natural Way

By Jaime Jackson
Copyright 2001, Jaime Jackson
ISBN: 0-9658007-3-3
Star Ridge Publishing
PO Box 2181
Harrison , AR 72601
Paperback 6" x 9", 158 pages
Approx. $20 US

This information-packed little book, resulting from and about an incident of man-made but accidental foundering of wild horses, presents information on the causes of founder and natural ways to overcome this debilitating condition. Natural systems are designed to heal themselves, not self-destruct, so letting nature lead the way is what this text is about. In "Founder: Prevention and Cure the Natural Way", Jaime explains why barefoot is the fundamental starting point in the holistic treatment of founder, which includes detoxifying and lifestyle changes for the horse (and rider). Through the use of straight-talking text and an abundance of black and white photos and graphics, this book offers a wealth of helpful information for rehabilitating and managing the foundered horse. Its nine chapters are: Clearing Our Minds, War on Pathology, Holistic Forces to the Rescue, The Hooves Themselves, Hoof Healing Concerns, Freedom to Move, Creating a Founder-Free Habitat, Diet Per Se, and De-Tox, followed by A True Story, Founder Action Plan, Founder Healing Chart, Resources, and Index. This comprehensive text can be a life-saver for the foundered horse, and any horse. "Founder: Prevention and Cure the Natural Way " is a must-have for any horse caretaker.


Wild Horses:
Black Hills Sanctuary

By Cris Peterson; Photos by Alvis Upitis
Text Copyright 2003, Cris Peterson
Photos Copyright 2003, Alvis Upitis
ISBN: 1-56397-745-1
Boyds Mills Press, Inc.
815 Church St .
Honesdale , PA 18431
Hardcover, 9" x 11", 32 pages
Approx. $17 US

On an 11,000-acre ranch in South Dakota , Dayton O. Hyde created a refuge for hundreds of wild American Mustangs that were headed for elimination before he got them. "Wild Horses" tells the story in large, breathtaking color photographs and simple, succinct prose, of the plight of these horses and how this determined cowboy and conservationist built the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary for them. Hyde thus gave back to these mustangs the freedom, dignity, and self-sufficiency that had been taken from them. This habitat, preserved by Dayton 's careful planning, gets thousands of visitors each year. "Wild Horses" is a beautiful book that everyone will enjoy looking through again and again.


The Centaur Reborn:
Holistic Horsemanship and the Foundation for Optimal Performanc
By Peter Speckmaier and Sabine Kells
Copyright 2002, Peter Speckmaier and Sabine Kells
ISBN: 0-9685988-3-8
Published by Sabine Kells
PO Box 44
Qualicum Beach , BC
Canada V9K 1S7
Spiral bound soft-cover, ~5" x 8", 170 pages
Approx. $27 US

In "The Centaur Reborn", Peter and Sabine present a comprehensive holistic approach to the horse, horsemanship, and riding. This text provides useful and interesting information about the horse's nature, needs, and attributes including posture, hooves, living conditions, biochemistry, biomechanics, nutrition, teeth, soil, psychology, and more. It also delves into basic anatomy and physiology, communication and leadership, balance (physical, psychological, and emotional), human emotions, holistic thought and action, and tack. A large portion of the book is devoted to Chiron riding and jumping training, which can establish a horse's willing cooperation without force. Chiron-trained horses are often jumped without a bridle or halter. Historical accounts throughout this section reveal horsemanship and jumping styles of the past, and in contrast, an in-depth look at the present-day Chiron jumping clinics . "The Centaur Reborn" is an easy and interesting read with some surprising information. It is loaded with black and white photos and graphics, and contains a substantial bibliography and a resources section. The information presented can help one develop an optimal, harmonic relationship with one's horse, and excel in performance, without frustration, disease, or pain. This is a great book for any rider - it is FOR the horse.


A Second Chance to Say Goodbye:
Building A Bridge to the Other Side

By Marianne Michaels
With Anita Curtis
Copyright 2002, Marianne Michaels
ISBN: 0-7414-1276-4
Infinity Publishing
519 W. Lancaster Ave.
Haverford , PA 19041-1413
877-BUY-BOOK (toll free)
Paperback, ~5" x 8", 175 pages
Approx. $14 US

"A Second Chance to Say Goodbye" is a heartwarming little book with a lot of purpose for those who are grieving, and even for those who have not grieved sufficiently. Grief has a purpose and a healing function, and this little book is a tool to help one through his or her grief. It provides insight into and understanding of loss and grief, and assures the reader that not only is there a bridge to the other side, but it's possible to cross it, reconnect with departed loved ones, and attain peace. In Part 1, Finding My Purpose, Marianne shares her interesting past, and how she found her relationship with her soul and came to be a medium; Part 2, Second Chances, presents very touching and personal case histories about reconnecting with loved ones (animals too) after their deaths. Part 3, Receiving Peace, offers glimpses of the other side, explaining how relationships change but the ties remain the same, how one can connect the body with the soul, and much more. This chapter addresses fear, acceptance, love, and other emotional aspects of losing someone; also addressed are the physical, mental, astral, and spiritual bodies, and meditation. Part 4 provides information and guidance for starting and running a support group, and includes a great Q&A section. "Another Chance to Say Goodbye" is a very interesting and thought-provoking read. It gives the reader courage to heal. Everyone has to deal with the loss of a loved one at some point, and to know that this book is here to offer help is a true comfort.


Hold Your Horses:

Nuggets of Truth for People Who Love Horses. No Matter What.

By Bonnie Timmons
Copyright 2003, Bonnie Timmons
ISBN: 0-7611-1536-6
Workman Publishing Co., Inc.
708 Broadway
New York , NY 10003-9555
Paperback, 6" x8", 117 pages
Approx. $11 US

"Hold Your Horses" is a truly delightful, colorful book of cartoons about horse life. It tells the story of this woman's - and likely every horse-person's - life-long love for horses, with charm and spirit. Bonnie Timmons puts her talents together in this diary of humorous drawings that depict the common scenarios involved with being a horse lover and horse keeper. Even the purest natural horsemanship person will appreciate the humor in these works of art, for the horse's nature comes through in true form. The reader will laugh, cry, and most of all identify with this wealth of adorable, colorful sketches of horse life. This little book is a must-have for all horse lovers, and it is sure to brighten any gray day.


Trouble Free Trailer Loading

"Trouble Free Trailer Loading" is 184 generous minutes of DVD that present not just trailer loading but real horse savvy. Pat Parelli, using communication, psychology, and understanding, demonstrates how to load a horse for life, not just for one instance. Pat points out that this DVD is about using the trailer as a task in building a relationship, and shows a natural way to help horses overcome their fear to feel, safe, comfortable and even enthusiastic about getting into a trailer. In Session 1 Pat, the trailer, and the horse are out in the midst of a herd of curious horses. Pat plays confidence games with Allure and eventually convinces him that the trailer is a safe place to be, despite the horse's natural claustrophobia. The loading session is not completed the first day. In Session 2, on another day, Pat and Allure review and pick up where they left off, with Allure progressing rapidly in his acceptance of the trailer. He loads and unloads readily, with Pat using love, language, and leadership. In Session 3, two Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship students learn to load their horses naturally; one is coached by Pat while she learns to successfully load her horse for life. Session 4 consists of a Question and Answer session, in which Pat addresses common trailer-loading problems and travel troubles. There is no doubt that just getting a horse into a trailer is not the goal here - the goal is to learn to communicate effectively with the horse so trust can develop, which is needed to convince the horse to go against his instincts and do as we request, willingly and comfortably, confidently, calmly, and consistently. This professionally-produced video contains a wealth of helpful information and tips for problem solving, not only in trailer loading, but in any horse-related endeavors. Every horse wants his owner to have this video.

Successful Water Crossing

"Successful Water Crossing" presents Pat Parelli's savvy way of teaching your horse to safely cross water with confidence. This 97-minute DVD was professionally produced during a class session on crossing water. In the first segment, Keys for Success, Pat talks about why it is scary for horses and what we can do to help them trust us and gain confidence. He demonstrates and explains how to have a good "go button", when and where to focus and its importance, why approach and retreat is necessary, how to cross, and what to do when you get to the other side. Pat discusses the responsibilities of the horse and the responsibilities of the human, and gives a quick tip on how to stop pawing. In the second segment, Class Session, Pat shows the class how and where to cross the creek (3 different locations). He coaches each student through the steps to cross, and when a horse still has difficulty, remedial steps are taken on the ground. The third segment shows Pat teaching a very fearful horse how to cross the creek while he explains the emotional state of the horse and how it changes from fear to curiosity. In segment 4, Q&A, Pat answers some very good questions - some with very thought-provoking answers, and segment 5, More Info, is a bonus - the Seven Games are briefly discussed followed by clippings of the 2001 Savvy Conference obstacle course competition - amazingly, at liberty. This is an excellent video that any trail rider will really appreciate.

Discover the Catching Game

"Discover the Catching Game" is a 75-minute DVD that starts out with Pat and Honza (super talent student from Czech) looking out over a group of horses, and Pat asks Honza to catch his horse. Honza does a quiet whistle to get the horse's attention, moves his carrot stick and savvy string a certain way, and his horse immediately gallops - right up to him. In segment 1, Catching Concepts, Pat explains that horses, being prey animals, are designed to be hard to catch; therefore, we can teach the horse to catch us. Pat explains what makes horses want to be with us and why, and he discusses right-brain and left-brain, prey and predator. In segment 2, The Catching Game, Pat uses a 50-foot round corral to demonstrate his techniques, and he stresses that the round pen is only a part of the teaching process. Pat shows what signs to look for in the horse to know when she is trying to be a partner, how to effectively use body language to communicate with the horse, just like other horses would do, and how reverse psychology can be helpful. Segment 3, More Demos, shows Pat teaching several different horses how to catch him. In segment 4, Q&A, Pat explains that catching a horse is not about tricking the horse, but about creating a relationship, and that rapport is more important than respect. Segment 5, Just for Fun, shows Pat demonstrating The Catching Game with 3 new horses at the Success With Horses Tour in Daytona, Florida. This professionally-produced video is going to make a lot of horse-keepers happy - it should be a requirement for every owner.

With Pat Parelli
Copyright 2003, Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship
PO Box 3729
Pagosa Springs , CO 81147
Approx. $30 US (each)


Saddle Fitting: The Science and Art
With Shawnah Knittle
Copyright 2002
PO Box 897
Paulden , AZ 86334
105 min.
Approx. $49 US

"Saddle Fitting: The Science and Art" is about western saddle fitting basics AND the horse. Shawnah, a saddle maker and horsewoman, lectures and uses hand-drawn flip-chart illustrations to explain the basics of the horse's anatomy and how the horse's back works. She explains how horses' backs have changed over generations and why, and uses photos of the typical back then and now for comparison. In this 105-minute no-frills video, Shawnah presents why saddle fit is important, why and how poor fit and improper placement can cause pain and numerous problems, and how to choose the right fit for the horse and his job. Riggings and their effects on saddle comfort and fit are discussed. Many western saddle types and types of trees are shown on charts, and how to fit a tree to the horse is explained. Shawnah also demonstrates fitting of saddle and tree on live horses, and how to measure the horse's back. Shawnah's main focus is education of the horse owner, and although the production lacks editing, there are good points made. Her concern for the welfare of the horse is evident. Any western rider with questions about saddle fit can find answers in this video.


In A Whisper
Featuring Craig Cameron, Josh Lyons, and Pat Parelli
By Finao Films
421 N. Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills , CA
2 hour film
Approx $25 US

"In A Whisper" is a film that gives the viewer a front row seat to watch three of the world's greatest gentle horse trainers compete in a first-of-its-kind friendly competition. This incredible event, held on August 3, 2002 , presented to a large Fort Worth crowd the expertise of Craig Cameron, Josh Lyons, and Pat Parelli for the purpose of showing the world that there is a better, more natural way of working with and communicating with horses. First the unloading and corralling of the horses takes place without human interaction, then the horse-choosing process begins, with each trainer ultimately choosing one horse to teach. Each trainer is given his own round pen and 2-1/2 hours to prepare his horse for the judged "Competition". Starting at 5pm in the hot, humid Texas sunshine, these amazing horsemen impress not only the crowd but also their horses with their unique, horse-friendly skills. The screen displays all three round pens at once, giving the viewer a clear vantage point for each. It is interesting to watch the different ways each horseman handles the situations that arise with his particular horse. It is also interesting to see who gets the halter, bridle or saddle on first, and whether that is a valid measure of genuine progress. The action is narrated by a commentator who interviews each competitor from time to time, as well as interviewing some well-known horsemen in attendance. The "Competition" is an obstacle course in which each trainer individually performs various maneuvers and traverses various obstacles with his new mount. It also includes a brief 'freestyle' portion. This professionally produced landmark film is informative, entertaining, and simply amazing. "In A Whisper" is a must-see for anyone.