If Your Horse Could Talk - A Catchy Name and Much, Much More
By Lisa Ross-Williams

Lisa Ross-Williams and Rebel

"If Your Horse Could Talk." I always get a chuckle, even from non-horse people, when they hear the name of my company. Many even comment on the logo, which was actually designed from a photo of Riley (a 2-week-old orphan we saved from auction) and me having one of our frequent chats. However, when it comes to our business slogan, "Promoting Natural Horse Care Through Knowledge", people often wonder what we actually do.

Our main goal is simple: to bring all the natural horse care concepts together in one place, in a variety of ways, so it's easy for the horse owners to apply.

We strive to:

* Promote natural horse care through knowledge so owners can make informed decisions.

* Give horse guardians a reason to start looking at what is "normal" with horses, and start asking questions.

* Disseminate valuable information from top natural experts from around the world.

* Bring together a network of natural-minded people.

Before I explain how we do this, I thought you'd be interested in how it all started. Rebel, my 11-year-old Arab, was actually the catalyst that propelled us into a more natural approach. He had a very bad attitude toward humans and was actually a very dangerous horse because of this. Everyone kept telling me, "Show him who's boss", "Get a bigger bit", or "A wet saddle blanket will break him". I knew in my heart that not only would this not work with Rebel, but that no horse should have to go through this "normal" way of dealing with horses. I searched for answers until I found Parelli Natural Horsemanship.

Shortly after that, I realized MOST of the normal care practices didn't seem to make much sense either, including frequent deworming, vaccinations, shoeing and feeding only twice a day, often with alfalfa hay. I realized it was up to me to learn what was best for my horse, a more natural approach. However, although there were scattered bits and pieces of natural information, it took quite a bit of time to find it. In fact, I quit my full-time job and dedicated myself to extensive research, hands-on experience, and attending many clinics in natural horsemanship, hoof care, bodywork, homeopathy, animal communication, iridology, essential oils, and nutrition. Throughout this time, we added an additional four horses, all of different breeds and ages, who became my best teachers.

I realized that most people didn't have the time to find all this scattered information and that's when "If Your Horse Could Talk" was created. My husband, Kenny Williams, became my partner in this endeavor and his contributions as co-host, technical producer, and public relations director have been invaluable. Following his passion of helping horses, Kenny is now honing his healing skills by studying The Equine Touch and animal communication as well as giving balanced natural hoof trimming to a small number of clients' horses - those who are committed to following a holistic program.

If Your Horse Could Talk Website

Our first avenue to disseminate this valuable information is through our website, www.naturalhorsetalk.com. Packed with great information, photos, articles, webcasts, topics of interest and concern, products, and links, this is a one-stop site to learn about all the natural principles. Topics include natural environments, feeding, hoof care, chemical alternatives, horsemanship, dentistry, trailering, and the story of Elvis, our PMU rescue colt. We have even added a new book, video and CD review page.

If Your Horse Could Talk Show

The next tool we use is the If Your Horse Could Talk show, which features a variety of natural experts and topics. After running live on a Phoenix area radio station for over a year, I realized this information needed to be more readily available to people all over the world, so we switched to an internet webcast format, so all the shows can be heard from your computer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some of our guests are national leaders such as Linda Parelli, Dr. Eleanor Kellon , K.C. La Pierre, Buck Brannaman, Jock Ruddock, and Kathy George just to name a few.

We also feature sponsorship spots for a limited number of companies who offer a natural, effective product or service that our listeners would be interested in. We are very selective about whom we invite to be involved and you will NEVER hear ads from pharmaceutical giants, unnatural feed companies, or any shows that sound like an infomercial. These select sponsors are very important to If Your Horse Could Talk as ad spots help fund our ongoing research, study, and projects, the cost of which has been coming out of the household budget.

If Your Horse Could Talk Video (estimated release Oct. 1st, 2003 )

This great one-of-a-kind video introduces horse owners to a more natural approach to their horses. Featuring the If Your Horse Could Talk herd (boy, are they hams), along with an exciting story line and a variety of natural experts, this video is guaranteed to educate as well as entertain. There is even a hilarious 'outtakes segment' on the end.

Consultations & Clinics

For those horse owners looking for more in-depth instruction, I am offering both private consultations and clinics.

Through these consultations, either via email, telephone, or in person, I will empower you with knowledge so you can make informed decisions. Having been there and done that, I will share my first-hand experiences and years of research and learning to help educate you in the particular subject you wish to learn about. I will also point you to other resources to further your knowledge as well as natural products I have personally used. 

If Your Horse Could Talk is also offering 1 & 2 day clinics covering the basics of a variety of natural horse care concepts. Subjects include Natural Environments, Feeding & Watering, Dental Care, Chemical Over-Use and Alternatives, Animal Communication, Trailering, Hoof Care, and Natural Horsemanship. You will be empowered by the knowledge you walk away with along with a list of great natural resources and products.

If you can tell by now, educating horse owners to a more natural approach is our passion. We love what we do and are proud of the impact we're making in the horse world. We are literally transforming the way people relate to and care for their horses.

We invite you to visit our site, www.naturalhorsetalk.com, listen to our informational show webcasts on the Magazines page, learn about topics of interest or concern, and follow along with Elvis, our 2-year-old, 17-hand PMU Percheron/Paint colt as he learns about life.

By understanding what is natural for the horse and following the simple alternatives to "normal", you too can create paradise for your horses. All it takes is the desire to become truly involved, open your heart and mind to new ideas, and allow them to be what they are - HORSES.

About the author:

Lisa Ross-Williams is a natural horse care consultant, freelance writer, clinician, and host of the If Your Horse Could Talk show. Known as one who "walks her talk", she has positively influenced thousands of horse guardians and grateful horses by sharing this invaluable information.