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Interview with Nita Jo Rush: PNH in Pennsylvania


Meet Nita Jo Rush, Parelli Natural Horsemanship Instructor/Trainer, and learn how this uniquely effective natural horsemanship system is changing the way people think, feel and play with horses - and how it is helping horses everywhere. Nita Jo teaches people of all ages all over the country - from Minnesota to Florida to Colorado - with all kinds of horses, from miniature to draft.

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Stable Environment

Winterize Your Horse: Winter Exercises to Help Develop Trust, Confidence and Respect Between You and Your Horse

By Mary Ann Simonds


Horses in pasture still need stimulation and those in stalls require even more activities in the winter than in summer. So instead of just feeding your horse and heading up to the house to get warm by the fire, think about how you can spend "quality time" with your horse this winter.






Feature Article

A Match Made in Heaven: Ride & Tie Rendezvous

By Annette Parsons

I had been an endurance rider since the late 1970's. When I first heard about Ride & Tie from my friends I told them I thought they were CRAZY! "I am NOT getting off my horse and running!" I could not imagine such a thing! Then the Levi's Ride & Tie was held in Eureka , California ..









Straight From the Horse's Mouth

P-Pot Tribute to Pasquale


It's not often that one can enjoy the privilege of knowing a 40-something-year-old horse. It's even less often for one to enjoy the privilege of HAVING such a horse. Being P-pot's caretaker for the last 23 years has been one of the greatest privileges of my life - and one of the most fun.





















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Mary Ann Simonds
Annette Parsons
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P-Pot our 47+ year old horse