Volume 6 Issue 1


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At Home with Homeopathy


Homoeopathy and Neurological Disorders - Part 3

By Tanya Nolte


A diagnosis of neurological problems can be heart-breaking, yet one modality offers real hope - homeopathy. Due to the various symptoms displayed among affected horses, disease labels can miss the mark. But the availability of many homeopathic remedies with distinct 'pictures' assures an excellent chance for correctly addressing any particular horse - regardless of the disease label.




What's Sex Got to Do With It? none

By Shelly Moore

There are some clear-cut differences among the sexes when it comes to horse behavior. But gender is not the only factor in behavior, and there are things that one can do to positively influence behavior, whatever the sex.






Horses eating

When the New Way Is the Older Way

By SuZi

Traditional Chinese Medicine sees prevention as primary to its practice - TCM seeks to maximize health through the perpetuation of balance and harmony. By considering a view that includes harmony and balance not only with our horses, but for our horses, we enhance health and well-being.











The Four Harmony Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit foundation, features a holistic approach to both horse and human health and performance. Pine Knoll Farm in Lexington, Kentucky is home of the Four Harmony Foundation, which incorporates the following centers: Center for Integrated Horsemanship, Equine Research and Education Center, Equine Health and Rehabilitation Center, Life Enhancement Center, and Therapeutic Riding Center. Look for our upcoming 2004 schedule and certification programs at www.pineknollfarm.net.

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On the cover: Star, a newly adopted PMU filly, makes friends with handler Nikki Haines, volunteer in charge of PMU Foal-Handling Education at Another Chance 4 Horses Rescue and Placement in Bernville, PA.