Herbal Horsekeeping
By Robert McDowell and Di Rowling

Trafalgar Square Publishing
Howe Hill Road
No. Pomfret , VT 05053
www.trafalgar squarebooks.com
Copyright Robert McDowell and Di Rowling 2003
ISBN 1-57076-267-8
Hardcover - 7.5" x 10" - 288 pages
Approx. $35US

"Herbal Horsekeeping", in its Introduction, explains that before we kept horses in artificial environments, they roamed free - instinctively feeding, supplementing, and medicating themselves. Domestication has changed that for the worse in many ways, and now more than ever horse owners need to become knowledgeable about herbs and other natural modalities, for the good of the domestic horse. To this end, Robert McDowell and Di Rowling have combined their herbal knowledge and experiences to present to the reader a fascinating and informative text and pictorial on herbs and herbal horsekeeping.

This impressive book is loaded with applicable information and beautiful color photos of herbs, herb farming and preparation, horses and herbs, and horse life. Its purpose is to enlighten the reader about how herbs can form the basis of a horse health regimen. It is quite possible to keep our equine partners in top form with natural alternatives to chemical horsekeeping. Because herbs are compatible with other modalities, "Herbal Horsekeeping" includes mention of several alternative therapies, which, like herbs, work to realign the horse's life energy. Homeopathy is explained, and a list of some common homeopathic remedies with their descriptions is provided, as well as the Bach Flower Essences, and their remedy descriptions.

Part 1, The Herbs, covers in interesting and helpful detail Understanding Herbs, Preparing Herbs, and Growing Herbs. Part 2, Herbs and the Horse, devotes several chapters to horse-friendly topics including general health, performance, breeding, traveling, sharing herbs with one's horse, other natural therapies and how herbs complement them, specific health conditions, herb recipes, and case studies. Part 3, Materia Medica of Herbs, contains the actions of herbs and an herb list, with descriptions and pertinent information for over 50 common and useful herbs. Also provided are a helpful index, reference list, and measurement-equivalents chart.

"Herbal Horsekeeping" presents a wholistic approach to the use of herbs in horse care, and recognizes the need for nature as well as appropriate veterinary care. The natural approach is very sensibly presented and supported, and conventional and traditional/ alternative therapies working side by side is appreciated.

Robert McDowell and Di Rowling have given the horse and his keeper a beautiful, comprehensive, roll-up-your-sleeves-and-do-it type of book. "Herbal Horsekeeping" is a MUST for any horse lover.



Song of the Prairie

By Mark Rashid
Copyright 2003, Rocking5r Music - BMI
PO Box 3421
Estes Park, CO 80517
Approx. $15.00 US

In his delightful new music CD, "Song of the Prairie", Mark Rashid (yes, the horse trainer, clinician, and author) presents another facet of himself - with 14 original toe tappin', porch swingin', ridin' down the trail tunes - all featuring Mark on various instruments, and vocals. He even wrote 12 of the songs himself. The lyrics tell the story of a Colorado ranch during the years 1858 to 1930, with each song contributing to part of the story and giving the listener the feeling of being there. Heartwarming and bittersweet, this superb CD portrays family life on the range.

"Song of the Prairie" is easy and fun listening, with Mark's genuinely pleasant voice, excellent instrumentals, and great supporting vocalists, all quality recorded. This CD has songs to sing along with, dance to, and identify with, and to appreciate - both the undeniable talent of the performers, and the way of life in the old ranching days. Written from the perspectives of the various characters and even an old saddle, the stories told in these songs are picturesque and thought-provoking. These are songs that everyone, not just the cowboy, will enjoy.

It's about time Mark officially adds 'professional musician' to his list of talents and accomplishments. He's been doing that as long as he's been working with horses, and has been performing and opening for the big acts for years. Congratulations, Mark!