Cha-Cha's Aggression and Health Problems -

Animal Communication and Holistic Care Provide Answers

By Kathleen A. Berard

Cha-Cha's aggression and health issues were explored through animal communication and addressed on several levels. Now she is a much happier young horse with her "real" personality back again.

Natural horsemanship is a beautiful thing . . . engaging in a natural flow of energy and of give and take between horse and rider. Sometimes, though, there are behavioral issues that cannot be fully understood and addressed from that standpoint.

Nancy DeSisto, a professional horse trainer, utilizes natural horsemanship techniques. Her two year old Paint filly, Cha-Cha, is a second level Parelli horse. However, even with natural training methods, she had been showing intensifying aggression toward people. If you approached Cha-Cha on her right side, she would pin her ears and tail. Two stable workers were hospitalized and several others quit as a result of her behavior. Nancy, who communicates with her own animals, had spoken with Cha-Cha about this a few weeks prior to calling me. She felt Cha-Cha was remorseful and confused, but the behavior continued. Nancy felt that an outside communication session was her last option.

My session with Cha-Cha revealed that she was very angry that her mother had left her (she had died when Cha-Cha was 14 months old). Cha-Cha was present at her death and still held grief about her loss. She had conflicting feelings about people. One minute she felt extremely close and affectionate, the next she felt angry and lashed out. She felt she led a dual life, one part as a horse and one part as a human ( Nancy was present at her difficult birth and breathed life into her). I explained to Cha-Cha that it was okay for her to be Horse, with all that means and entails, to do what horses do, to revel in her free spirit, her wild essence. I pointed out that if she were to interact more with the other horses and embrace equine behavior and nature, she might feel more comfortable with herself and, as a result, with people.

The aggression also came from not feeling well and from feeling confined in her training. I explained to Cha-Cha in very clear terms that her aggression toward others was unacceptable and not permitted. I pointed out that she was treated with great respect and dignity, and was expected to treat people the same way. And that she might be sent elsewhere if her behavior didn't improve dramatically. (I later explained to Nancy how to work with visual images and feelings to reinforce the behavior requested of Cha-Cha.)

To make matters worse, Cha-Cha had severe skin problems which the vets had not been able to resolve. Nancy had tried just about everything topical on the market -and even changed her feed. Nothing had helped. During the communication session, Cha-Cha let me know her body felt sensitive, itchy, burning and tingling, and sometimes she felt hot internally as well as on the skin surface. There was also a pinching/itching feeling in the inflamed/bald areas. I suggested a new skin scraping be done to specifically look for mites, mange or other skin parasites.

I am a medical intuitive so I scanned her body for other health issues. Her whole right side (aura) "looked" white; the Chi energy was not flowing well there. The white color can also indicate a problem with the blood. I suggested an acupuncturist be consulted. (The acupuncturist later determined that there was a blood deficiency.) I received the sense of headaches or head pressure, and sensitivity about the head. I recommended Cha-Cha be checked by the chiropractor for impingements and misalignments at the base of the skull and in the neck, for problems with the right hip, and for tenderness along each side of the spine. (The chiropractor later confirmed problems with Cha-Cha's body alignment.)

In scanning her, I received confirmation that apples and oranges, honey, apple cider vinegar, barley and rye would be beneficial, and sense that she needed essential fatty acids as well. The foods needed to have color to them; the color was important for her (a form of color therapy).

Cha-Cha had suffered viral infections about six months prior, and had been given high doses of antibiotics. Intuitive scanning revealed that Fastrack (a probiotic paste or powder) would help to recolonize the gut with beneficial bacteria. I also suggested Nancy add to twice-daily feedings the following: Springtime, Inc.'s Trace Lytes™ (a blend of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and electrolytes); 1/4-1/2 cup of a blend of locally harvested dark raw honey and raw apple cider vinegar (such as Bragg's brand); and fruit.

For Cha-Cha's skin, a solution of 16 ounces of water and 30 drops of Tea Tree Oil, sprayed on raw and itchy areas twice daily, was suggested. Other suggestions: A blend of one ounce of Sweet Almond Oil and 2-4 drops of Lavender essential oil could be massaged into the itchy areas. Both of these oils have healing properties, and used properly the almond oil can smother mites. To control flies and other pests, a spray repellant made from water and essential oils would work.

I also suggested that Nancy use the full TTouch™ program to help Cha-Cha release tension, anger and grief. Acupuncture would help rebalance her vital force, emotions and auras; she had energy blockages, and one of the blocks involved the Heart meridian. Bach flower essences or other vibrational essences would help Cha-Cha rebalance mentally, emotionally and spiritually, so she could be a fully realized being. Homeopathy could be considered as well. (The acupuncturist and chiropractor later confirmed the information I received and found my suggestions helpful.)

Cha-Cha was also very bored - Nancy had patiently trained her at a slow, controlled pace so as not to stress her young legs. Cha-Cha wanted more physical activity, the kind where she could move freely and be herself. Cha-Cha wanted people to enjoy the innate exuberance that she kept tamped down. She wanted Nancy to play and laugh with her, and she wanted to be ridden at a gallop.

At the end of the communication session, Cha-Cha said that Nancy did not need to treat her so delicately. She wanted to be happy, and wanted Nancy to be happy with her. She acknowledged how much Nancy had done for her, and deeply appreciated Nancy not giving up. She projected a big ball of love energy to me for Nancy - it was vibrating and rotating at a very fast speed, full of reds, purples, blues, silver and green.

Nancy was very pleased with the session. She followed my suggestions and saw dramatic improvement in Cha-Cha's health and behavior, both with people and with horses. We discussed that whoever worked with Cha-Cha needed to send the right mental pictures and convey appropriate emotional energy about and toward Cha-Cha, so that she would have a clear understanding of how to behave and what's expected of her.

Nancy later wrote to say, "Due to your uncommon gifts, my animals and therefore my business have benefited greatly. You were of such tremendous help to me and Cha-Cha, who was not thriving and was becoming extremely aggressive and dangerous to handle. As a professional horse trainer who uses only natural horsemanship type training methods, it was not only a professional failure for me, but a highly personal one as well. Cha-Cha had been born in our garage and had been handled and trained by me since birth; it was humiliating and depressing to see the very best efforts on my behalf destroyed by Cha-Cha's continued downward spiral.

"Her aggression was born of extreme physical discomfort which I had a feeling of, but nowhere to the extent that you were able to fathom. You brought up things to me about Cha-Cha that no one on the planet would know about her except me. After the session I had a very different perception of an animal that I have known intimately for two years! There is absolutely no doubt that you "met" Cha-Cha on her terms and came away with an incredible amount of information for me. You gave me several different ideas and directions to follow . . . and I've followed them to great success. Cha-Cha is a MUCH happier young horse with her "real" personality returning and her old vim, vigor and vitality again apparent to everyone who knows her."

I was merely the messenger, conveying to Nancy what Cha-Cha's body, mind and spirit were trying to communicate. Animal communication and holistic care are some of the tools that can be employed to help animals rebalance and heal on all levels. Nancy updates me periodically about how Cha-Cha is doing. I have no doubt she will be a loving, spirited, and respectful equine companion for many years to come.

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Kathleen Berard is a professional Animal Communicator, Essences practitioner, and holistic animal care consultant, and offers workshops on these subjects. She is also a Reiki Master. Kat is listed on Penelope Smith 's Directory of Animal Communicators and in Animal Wellness Magazine's Holistic Guide. Kat recently appeared in a segment of the show "A Pet Story" on Animal Planet, and is quoted in a book about animal communication for teenagers by Dawn Brunke to be published Spring 2004. She is a member of San Antonio 's Blacksun Search and Rescue Canine Team (searching for lost and missing persons) with her rescued Weimaraner, Barney, and is involved in animal rescue work as well.

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