My Palomino Horse - The Road to True Health

By Deb Brown

Deb competing on Beau. During the peak of his barrel racing career, Beau began getting small tumors on his neck.

My palomino horse, Savannah's Beau Skip (Beau), is my treasure! He had been a roping horse much of his life and had lost all interest in roping. When I first saw him as a seven-year-old, he was underweight and obviously unhappy with his job. I bought him without even riding him, and he became a pleasure horse for me while I helped R.E. and Martha Josey at their clinics for the next several years.

When Beau was 12, I began entering him in 3D and 4D barrel races. He loved to barrel race, and he soon found his place in the slowest division. Beau and I barrel raced for six years and everyone around my area knew him well. In six years, he won 3 saddles, 7 belt buckles, 3 breast collars, and over $38,000. He was named "Horse of the Year" for NBHA District 28 (TX) and won the Texas NBHA State 4D Championship. AND, we only hit six barrels in his entire career!

During the peak of his barrel racing career, Beau began getting small tumors on his neck. It seemed that every vet and horse person had something different to tell me concerning how to get rid of them, but nothing ever helped. The tumors didn't seem painful to him, but they were collecting right at his throat latch which sometimes seemed to irritate him at best. I finally allowed a vet to cut one off for analysis. That was definitely the wrong thing to do! They began to multiply and move up under his left ear.

Dr. Madalyn Ward ( ) had been treating my horses for several years with holistic medicine and equine chiropractic treatments. I began consulting with her about Beau's condition, and she suggested that we first work on his overall health. I had been noticing that he was having more and more trouble handling the hot Texas summers, but I just thought it was because he was getting older. We put Beau on a diet that was easily digested but gave him the nutrients he needed for competition. I also added Blue-green Algae (Cell Tech) to his diet.

Charmayne James ( ) suggested that I put him on Tahitian NONI Juice to help boost his immune system and give him the extra energy needed for summer competition. She and Dr. Ward seemed to believe that, if we could jump-start his immune system, he would be able to fight off the cancer on his own. We worked him up to 3-4oz of Tahitian NONI Juice twice a day and Blue-green Algae and ImmuSun (Cell Tech). Almost immediately, the tumors began to shrink from the size of a man's thumb to the size of my little finger. Although the tumors stopped getting smaller, his coat began to look better and his energy level remained constant - even throughout the hot summer months.

I had also heard about Equine Touch and how it helps the body balance itself, and it seemed to complement the program that I had chosen for Beau. Pam Cantwell ( ) did E.T. once a week on Beau for four weeks. After the second session, one tumor started bleeding the very next day - when I saw him grazing, his entire head was a bloody mess. This same tumor seemed to be getting larger after each weekly E.T. session, but about week three, I realized the base of the tumor was shrinking! It appeared that Beau's body was doing what I had hoped for all along - he was rejecting the tumor on his own! During week four, the tumor became really bloody and looked like a big open wound..and then it fell off his body! I found the tumor in the barn and had it sent to Texas A&M where it was diagnosed as a very rare form of equine cancer. Because the vets at Texas A&M had not seen many of these cases, they had no explanation for the tumor falling off except that Beau's body was healthy enough to reject it.

Jamie Shelton ( ) started working on Beau after she began the Equine Touch training - since we lived so close to one another. After four or five sessions with Jamie, another tumor followed the same process and fell off, too. We are continuing with a session about once a week, and still another tumor under his ear is working its way off Beau's body.

Beau has not had any conventional medicines in over two years, yet he is healthier now than ever before. He is 20 years old and retired from barrel racing, but he is not ready to grow old just yet! With the natural supplements and Equine Touch, it looks like my best friend will be with me for many more years!

There are a lot of "quick fixes" out there, but building a good nutritional foundation and adding supplements and treatments that are 100% natural have sold me! My horses look great, feel great, and continue to pay for my truck and trailer in a career that they enjoy!

About the author:

Deb Brown has always loved horses. She began riding as a toddler on her family's farm and has never lost her love for Quarter Horses. Beau and her other horse, Reach The Gold ("Prophet"), live with her on her 6-1/2 acres in Georgetown , TX . She is a member of the AQHA and NBHA and competes on Prophet at area barrel races and jackpots. She has also been on staff for R. E. and Martha Josey for over 20 years where she helps with barrel racing schools and clinics. In 2001, she served as a consultant for Charmayne James' first barrel racing clinic in the United States . Deb is a 22-year veteran police officer and is currently the Chief of Police for Southwestern University Police Department in Georgetown , TX .

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