Volume 6 Issue 2


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Special Features

"A Natural Way" Seminars 2004


Another Chance 4 Horses, Natural Horse Magazine, and Kathy George have teamed up to present "A Natural Way", an exceptional weekend of education and fun to benefit rescue horses and horses everywhere. "It is our mission to educate horse owners and potential horse owners about better ways to care for horses, thus maximizing all horses' chances of remaining healthy, happy, and wanted," stated the event's planners.




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Kidz' Korner

Kids on Horseback

Finally... Natural Horsemanship For Kids!

By Andrea Lyle

The founders of Kids with Horses Naturally, Andrea Lyle and Kristi Sweney, have a strong desire to share the natural approach to horses with kids. "There just aren't enough natural programs out there focusing on kids. After waiting for years for someone to develop one, we finally decided to do it ourselves," says Andrea.




Spotlight On The Equine Touch

The Equine Touch™ - Five Years in the USAJock and Ivana



It has been 5 years since Natural Horse Magazine sponsored its first Equine Touch course in the United States. We asked Equine Touch founder, Jock Ruddock, for a follow-up interview to discuss this incredible modality and its impact on the horse world.










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For the Rider

Bitless or Bust: A Dressage Rider's Journey


By Suzanne Engler Case

Bitless dressage? Why not? Many people are uncomfortable with common dressage practices that are unfriendly to the horse. A simple question asked of this author stirred her to question riding and training altogether ... but the love for horses and riding are strong. Could it be we can ride horses without abusing them? It didn't take long for Suzanne to find the answer, from a student, to reap the benefits of a happier, more balanced horse inspired to go forward with freedom and relaxation - with no bit.


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Back Cover

Upper L: Willoughby, 2003 PMU foal. R: Dixie, 2002 PMU foal.

Lower L: Annie; R: Lady. PMU mares adopted fall 2003.

There are always horses in need of help at your local rescue. Please consider this source if you are looking for a horse. Another Chance 4 Horses offers transfer of ownership, adoptions, and sponsorship of horses locally as well as internationally with the Horse 4orce rescue efforts. If you love horses, you can help - get involved.


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Madalyn Ward, DVM
Kimball Lewis
Suzanne Engler Case
Andrea Lyle
Loryhl Goodman Davis
Kathleen A. Berard
Julianne Rickenbaker
Bruce Anderson
Nayana Morag
Deb Brown
Marta Williams
Sara Tatnall
Scot Hansen
Brad Thornberg
Joan Ruprecht


On the cover: Can you tell what this natural horse is thinking? Or saying? Watching body language is not the only way to tell – animal communication is helping people and their animals everywhere. Read more inside.