Volume 6 Issue 3


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Can We Save The Historic Abaco Wild Horses?

By Ellen Kohn

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Too much of a good thing: These nearly extinct wild mares of Abaco Island found a haven after their forest home was ravaged by Hurricane Floyd. But knee deep in rich forage planted for cattle, they have become overweight, under exercised, and plagued with hoof problems and founder. Rescue efforts are under way but more help is needed to save this unique breed.

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Feature Article

Cushing's/Metabolic Syndrome In Horses

By Marijke van de Water

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Equine Cushing's Syndrome, also referred to as Equine Metabolic Syndrome, has been diagnosed in horses in record numbers in recent years, with the condition also now being seen in younger horses. This disorder is difficult to successfully treat with conventional medicine but recent research suggests that dietary, nutritional, and stress factors contribute to the disease, and that it is a malady of the modern, domesticated horse.


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Feed Facts and Fancies

Digestion: An Approach to Health in Horses

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The equine digestive tract is a complex and intriguing system. Its optimum function is essential for a healthy horse, and depends on many factors, the most important being what lives and thrives in it, and what passes (or doesn't) through it.



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For the Rider

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Getting Rid of Neck and Shoulder Pain

By Lina Yanchulova


YOUR neck and shoulder pain doesn't have to affect your horse. It doesn't have to affect you either. With some simple warm up E-cises before riding, you can enjoy your ride. And with some simple strengthening E-cises, you can get rid of that pain.




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Puffin with Susan Churico, V.P. of BMER&P and Puffin's foster mom for over a year

Bran Manor Equine Rescue and Placement is a 501c3 not for profit organization providing food, shelter, medical treatment and above all love to those horses in need … and Puffin certainly was a pony in NEED! Although she has come a long way since first rescued from years of neglect, she still has a long way to go. It's been a year now since she was found "standing" in a field - which was all she could do - with hooves that were 8 inches too long. Now at age 7, Puffin has been diagnosed with Cushing's disease and must be on medicine daily. Puffin is in need of sponsors to help with her medical bills.  If you can help Puffin in any way, please contact us!

Bran Manor Equine Rescue and Placement
159 Bran Rd.
Sinking Springs, PA 19608





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On the cover: Altair, a wild stallion of Abaco, who sadly lost his fight for survival in February 2004. Abaco Island, the Bahamas, is home to this almost extinct, pure breed of Spanish Barb whose ancestors were very likely the original horses brought to the Americas by Spanish explorers during the time of Columbus. Read about their fate inside.