Volume 6 Issue 4


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Special Features

Special Connections with Special Animals on a Pacific Crest Trail Trek

By Annette Parsons (AKA 'Mountain Annie')

I had been dreaming of doing a trek with my horse on the 2600-mile Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada for most of the past 30 years. The years got away from me and I never did the long trek, but Nezzie, Bones, Dixie and I enjoyed a 400-mile 4-week trek across Oregon's PCT instead




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Stable Environment



Top 10 Checklist for the Educated Horse Owner

By Madalyn Ward, DVM

For our horses to stay happy and healthy, we have to provide conditions that are as close to their natural environment as possible, while still maintaining an acceptable level of convenience for ourselves. Here is a handy checklist for doing just that!







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Hoofcare Highlights

The Sound Hoof: Horse Health from the Ground Up

By Lisa Simons Lancaster

Lisa Simons Lancaster is the author of 'The Sound Hoof: Horse Health From the Ground Up'. To introduce readers to this landmark book on hoof care, we present an excerpt from Chapter Three, which discusses issues surrounding health and soundness.






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In Training

My Australian Wild Horse Adventure

By Stacey Ruel

While I was learning the basics of natural horsemanship, a mob of wild horses had been rescued from extermination. Their rescuers, now faced with the dilemma of how to deal with these wild and unbroken brumbies, came up with a novel solution - a 'Wild Horse Working Camp'.




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Nikita, 20 years old, June 2002 (upper); March 2004 (lower)

Days End Farm Horse Rescue, Inc. is a volunteer-based, non-profit, humane organization. It was established in 1989 to help ensure quality care and treatment of horses through rehabilitation, humane education, and community outreach. It is the first such organization in the state of Maryland, and has been actively working with animal control authorities since 1991. Days End Farm provides transportation, holding facilities, and quality 24-hour care for abused and neglected horses impounded by animal control agencies throughout the state of Maryland. To find out how you can support Days End Farm and the many horses we house, please contact us. Horses are adopted out to the state of Maryland only.

Days End Farm Horse Rescue
15856 Frederick Road
PO Box 309
Lisbon, MD 21765
(301) 854-5037






Madalyn Ward, DVM
Catherine Bird
Mike Scott
Joyce Falese
Loryhl Goodman Davis
Andrea Lyle, Ole Buck
Charity Beckett
Mercedes Colburn
Dena Eckerdt, DVM
Jill Deming
Melanie Sue Bowles
Stacey Ruel
Lisa Simons Lancaster
Annette Parsons

On the cover: Babysitter Posey the goat (in gateway) keeps a watchful eye on filly Daisy on a hot, hazy, lazy summer day.