Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis

By James L. Oschman
Copyright 2000 Harcourt Publishers Ltd.
Copyright 2003 Elsevier Science Ltd.
ISBN 0-443-06261-7
Published by Churchill Livingstone
Paperback, 6' x 9', 275 pages


Everything you ever wanted to know about energy medicine - and then some - is in this text … that is, everything scientific you ever wanted to know, to understand or substantiate why energy medicine works. However, author James Oschman is quick to remind that it is a work in progress, and that everyday brings a new piece to the puzzle. From documented proof about how the body's energy system functions to vibrational remedies, James covers a multitude of puzzle pieces and demonstrates how and why the subtle but powerful energies of the body and its environment do what they do. Loaded with sketches and diagrams, this comprehensive text reveals remarkable and unexpected properties possessed by the body and its living tissues. James has compiled a wide range of well-known and not-so-well-known factual information into these pages in a logical order with astounding clarity, minimizing the confusion about energy. James' goal in this text is to connect scientific information with complementary therapies. He says, "New vistas are opening up as science and complementary medicine learn how to talk to each other." The scientific facts are there for anyone to see - right inside this book. Each section contains numerous references. Resources are provided and an index is included. This book is of immense value to any practitioner, and should clearly be read by every medical professional.


Molecules of Emotion:

The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine
By Candace B. Pert, PhD
Copyright 1997 by Candace B. Pert
ISBN 0-684-84634-9
Published by Scribner/Simon & Schuster
Paperback, 5.5' x 8.5', 368 pages
Approx. $14 US

Candace Pert will astound the reader with her scientific accomplishments - she is no lightweight in the scientific community. She is clearly a brilliant author as well. Candace relates her life story as a budding young scientist consistently discovering new and amazing medical phenomenon, year after long year, through hardships and triumphs. But what she discovers along the way leads her to see life and the body, particularly the mind-body connection, from a different perspective. She also realizes the shortcomings and disastrous effects of modern medicine and lifestyle and the old-paradigm thinking of the medical establishment. Candace offers practical suggestions for a healthy bodymind and lifestyle, and supplies a comprehensive list of Bodymind Medicine Resources and Practitioners - plus a Glossary, Recommended Reading, and Index. A very well-written, fact-filled and interesting book that every scientist, medical professional, and human being should read.





Animals in their Element

By Cyrie Barnes, Lic. Ac.
Copyright 2003 by Cyrie Barnes
ISBN 0-9745043-0-0
Wind Pond Press
5515 St. Helena Rd.
Santa Rosa , CA 95404
Paperback, 5.5' x 8.5', 254 pages


In this interesting and informative text, Cyrie tells the story of how she became involved with animal acupuncture after being a human acupuncturist for many years, and how she came to teach it to others - including veterinarians (despite legislative obstacles). Memoirs of her upbringing are shared briefly, exemplifying their vital role in her ability to feel and understand energy. Cyrie explains that "where to put the needle becomes a question only after numerous other questions have been asked and answered", so she presents ways to observe and investigate to get those answers and other necessary information to clearly understand the individual's energy. The energy pathways and cycles are described, and the 5 Elements are introduced and explained using descriptions and real animal examples. Cyrie's educational text offers tips for clearing one's own energy, promoting energetic awareness, and finding imbalanced energy. A practical workbook is included in its pages. An excellent book.






Simplify Your Riding: Step-by-Step Techniques to Improve Your Riding Skills

By Wendy Murdoch
Copyright 2004 by Wendy Murdoch
ISBN 0-9670047-4-8
Carriage House Publishing
223 Silver Street
Middleton, NH 03887
Paperback, 9' x 11', 175 pages
$24.95 US


Wendy Murdoch, a Centered Riding® instructor, has done a beautiful book about the rider's seat, balance, and movement as they affect the horse's ability to perform effectively. The many color photos and drawings show clearly how best to sit on the horse, as well as examples of incorrect postures. We can see how the horse's quality of movement is affected by the rider's position.

Wendy uses a full-size model skeleton to show the underlying postures and joint angles - a brilliant way to help riders visualize and feel what is going on in their own body. She covers alignment, how the rider's joint angles affect balance, and the timing of changes between the different gaits.

Her emphasis on what the horse feels and is able to do, depending on our body position, is extremely helpful. For example, a series of photos shows all possible hand positions while holding the reins, explaining what each correct or incorrect position does to the rein contact with the horse.

"Simplify Your Riding" is a practical book of specifics that will help riders in those spots where we know something just isn't right - where we would like to communicate more clearly with our horse so we can reduce and eliminate forceful aids. Highly recommended.


Conversations with Animals:

Cherished Messages and Memories as Told by an Animal Communicator
By Lydia Hiby
with Bonnie S. Weintraub
Copyright 1998 by Lydia Hiby and Bonnie S. Weintraub
ISBN 0-939165-33-3
NewSage Press
P.O. Box 607
Troutdale, OR 97060
Paperback, 5.5" x 8.5", 195 pages


Lydia Hiby generously shares the amazing, heartwarming accounts of her animal communication experiences throughout her life - what she calls lessons learned from the animals. Featured on numerous TV and radio shows, Lydia has a knack for 'hitting the nail on the head' and converting even the biggest skeptic into a believer. Her practical ideas on how to handle common bad habits and other problems result from her knowledge of natural care and healing, and some of the animals' lessons. Lydia shares and explains the 'how' of animal communication, offers advice on dealing with the loss of an animal companion, and emphasizes the joy in hearing the inner voice - the voice of the animal. This book contains interesting and surprising conversations with many different animals, including horses. A Q&A section answers some very good questions. A very enlightening, entertaining, well-written and helpful book from which all animal caretakers can benefit.




Bucky's Storybook: Critter Tales from the Really Cool Ranch

By Shellie Renee Kirby

Copyright 2004 by Shellie Renee Kirby
ISBN 1-4137-1745-4
Paperback, 5.5" x 8.5", 40 pages
Approx $18 US


"Bucky" is a children's book about a real, captured and adopted, BLM mustang - a black and white Appaloosa named Buckaroo. Bucky, as he is called, humorously tells about life at his new home and the mischievous havoc and fun he creates in this new environment. Colorful sketches, illustrated by the author, accompany each story. This is a fun little book that every age of horse lover will enjoy.








Natural Horse Care

(Revised Edition)

By Pat Coleby
Copyright 2003 by Pat Coleby
ISBN 0-7344-0523-5
Thomas C. Lothian Pty. Ltd.
132 Albert Road
South Melbourne, Victoria 3205
Paperback, 5.5" x 8.5", 240 pages
Approx. $20 AUS

This new edition of "Natural Horse Care" includes the addition of Recuperation after Injury in the Conditioning chapter and various updates reflecting new information. Minerals and vitamins are still the key to solving most problems, and Pat re-emphasizes the importance of balancing and maintaining the soil. (See NHM Volume 3 Issue 4 for the original review.) This book is an absolute must-have for any horse caretaker.








Equine Acupressure First-Aid With Your Fingertips: A Practical Workbook (Revised Edition)

By Ronald and Linda Briel

Copyright 2004 by Ronald and Linda Briel
Order from Anita Curtis, P.O. Box 182, Gilbertsville, PA 19525, 610-327-3820
Paperback spiral bound, 8.5" x 11', 70 pages
Approx. $24 US


Ron and Linda's updated workbook is now available. The purpose of this workbook is to provide the horse caretaker with a first-aid tool, in the form of safe and effective acupressure, to be used while waiting for the veterinarian. Color photos and case histories have been added. Easy-to-follow detailed instructions make this a very helpful book.



Coming Together:

Use Body Language to Establish Leadership, Friendship, and Trust

By Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling
Translation Copyright 2004 Franckh-Kosmos Verlags-GmbH & Co.
Stuttgart, Germany
ISBN 1-57076-291-0
Trafalgar Square Publishing
388 Howe Hill Rd.
North Pomfret, VT 05053
50 minutes
Approx. $40 US


"Coming Together" presents Klaus building a relationship of trust with a mare, with foal by her side; holding a clinic in Switzerland; and successfully handling three unmanageable stallions. His approach, using an honest, gentle, and fearless manner, is clearly demonstrated so the viewer can learn to apply it and foster mutual understanding, respect, and trust. The dramatic change in these horses exemplifies the importance of the human's body language - particularly hands, hips, and posture - in helping the horse understand and trust his handler. Translated narrations, clear audio and visuals; excellent production. Highly recommended - a must-see.




Hit It Off with Your Horse!:

Understanding and Influencing Character and Personality

By Linda Tellington-Jones

Copyright 2004 Linda Tellington-Jones
ISBN 1-57076-289-9
Trafalgar Square Publishing
388 Howe Hill Rd.
North Pomfret, VT 05053
54 minutes
Approx. $25 US


Linda presents for the viewer real life examples of head and body types, shapes and sizes. By looking at the eyes, ears, muzzle, profile, conformation, and more one can get clues to a particular horse's personality and ability. As an accompaniment to her book on the same subject or by itself, the purpose of this DVD is to help horse caretakers further understand horses and improve their horse-human relationships.