Equine Craniosacral Therapy


Photo sequence - After a morning swim I stopped by to visit a herd of friends. I offered my hands to one mare who seemed to need help. A people friend snapped a picture, and for some reason I said, "keep snapping - this could be a sequence". What a sequence it is... Is the "silence of horses" momentarily visible? Note that these four pictures were taken with only seconds between, and the photos, taken by Robin Young, have not been altered.

This mare was dragging both hind legs so I picked up her right hind and followed it where it wanted to go.

The leg goes even higher and releases.

As the restriction in the leg is freed and the leg comes back down, the camera catches a white streak above the horse, visible against the sky. Could the silent ECST release be visibly evident?

The leg returns to normal position and the streak is gone, with no evidence of it before or after. (A jet vapor trail would have remained in this last photo.) The mare walked away in comfort, without dragging her feet.

The Silence of Horses - Equine Craniosacral Therapy

By: E. Bailey Tune, L.M.T.

Horses live happily in their natural state without verbiage. Although horse lovers are comfortable with the silence of animals, it seems only fair and just for owners to reciprocate and listen. Equine craniosacral therapy is an outstanding learning tool for just that. Placid attention to our own personal health care certainly better qualifies us to be more attentive with our horses.

The silence of craniosacral therapy/ equine craniosacral therapy, the most direct healthcare available today, is what frequently holds many people at bay from receiving it. Not understanding what the ‘quiet' means blocks people from the opportunity of experiencing and ‘knowing' it, and becoming participatory in personal healthcare management.

Three ways to help understand the quiet, this mystery of the obscure inner world-without-words, are: finding comfort with silence, looking at one piece of information at a time (as with a jigsaw puzzle), and looking back (retrospection) for information and understanding of our dis-ease.

The Silence

Silence is a comfort that our horses model for us. In the hush of their lives, communication is crystal clear. Through equine craniosacral therapy, we have a transparent avenue to the noiseless and distinct world of their inaudible transmission - a gift they offer us in their willingness to be domesticated.

Solving the Puzzle

Attending to our own health is a thing of the past and is in great need of renewal. With everyone being so busy these days there is not a lot of time left for oneself. Following the symptoms of our current pains and making connections with chronic misalignments in our bodies or from a past injury gradually brings the awareness for a more complete picture - like pieces of a puzzle of our lifetime.

Once we connect with a few of the principles, which are basic and natural, we begin to hear what the body is saying and begin to participate in our health, returning to the natural state of original health, more flowing and functional. We learn to exhale and let things move as needed.

The body holds the wisdom of healing within itself. To get in touch with that part of the self takes a grand amount of observance. A few basic facts will enhance our endeavors tremendously. Any offense to the body, mind or spirit of a being has the potential to remain stuck within the tissues, stacking one on top of the other throughout life.

The body is remarkable in that it continues to function as well as it does by compensating for the residual tightness and blockages created in the tissues by the transgression. However, as we age, the body begins to tire of this extra work and the decline of recompense is obvious and often painful.

With pain, our beloved symptom, the breath is the key. Focusing the exhalation through the center of the pain is the number one way to let the body know that we are listening acutely. The pain will dissipate to a large degree and is the guide to the next part of the restriction. One by one each part is attended to with the breath and the release.

Of major importance as well is the fact that this simple exercise is profound in reprogramming the body to ‘let go', an innate part of survival that traditionally has been banished from our healthcare. Things will always happen to us in life; the problem is that our culture is often stuck in the ‘holding on' position.

Looking Back

Experiencing the world-without-words through craniosacral therapy is a splendid starting point to begin learning how to be in the silence and work with the self. We begin to sense more, trust more, ask more clear questions, and understand more. This initiates support to not panic when something hurts or happens, providing the space for looking more deeply at what may be going on. Retrospection helps us to evaluate the scenario with a greater amount of information for more thorough discernment.

'My knee hurts; why? I walked up too many steps yesterday. Why does that one hurt and not the other?' And that is the beginning of the puzzle. Which way it goes from there is our choice. We can go to a doctor and get x-rays, get pills to take, do rehabilitative exercises, and possibly have surgery. Or, we can get some bodywork!

The bodywork is going to bring out the Truth, our own Truth, from the silence. It may not be as fun or as quick as x-rays or pills but it will be more real. And we will know more than we did with words!

The silence of this eloquent complementary component of healthcare is not so mystifying after a broader perspective is available. In light of the speed at which our world moves today, the general populous has become spoiled by instant gratification. Masking our symptoms enables us to get right back to work, discredits our God-given natural state of being, and sweeps our health under the rug. It doesn't have to be this way; with craniosacral and equine craniosacral therapy, we and our horses can experience the profound benefits and realize our true potential - through the silence of craniosacral therapy.

About the author:

E. Bailey Tune, L.M.T. has been specializing in craniosacral therapy with people and horses for over twenty years. She pioneered the development of Equine Craniosacral therapy and continues expanding her theories with her human, equine and canine clientele. She is the author of 'Complementary Healthcare Questions and Answers' column in The Observer, a local newspaper in Shepherdstown, WV where she maintains a private practice and offers apprenticeships and telephone consultations for ECST. She is also the author of 'Tuning-In: Equine Craniosacral Therapy and Somato-Emotional Release' and 'Spiritual Exercises for the Right Brain: Meditation in Action'. She may be reached at 304-876-6305 or ebtuningin@aol.com. For more information go to www.equinecst.com