Changing Times


Attention all hoof lovers:

As the fall equinox approaches, the days are getting even shorter and cooler here in the US. Not only will the time soon change here, but a lot else is changing, thankfully. The natural practices that used to be scorned, ridiculed, feared, and chastised have become more understood, accepted, and even applauded - and most importantly, requested. This of course also applies to the natural world of horses and horsekeeping, and the complementary approach to health care.

More and more, we are hearing from readers about their successes with their horses in 'going natural', whether it be barefoot, natural horsemanship, wholistic horsekeeping, etc., or all of the above. We are happy to present some articles in this issue that focus on that and the benefits of a natural, whole-istic approach, and involvement of 'team'. It is not just one thing… health and well-being are multi-faceted. Working together for the good of the horse is what the horse needs… and what the horse caretaker wants.

So it is time for a change, and for this reason NHM is now presenting the Natural Hoof Trimmers page, the first of our Partner-Up Pages (PUP), a unique service listing in each issue. We get a lot of calls from readers asking if we can recommend or locate practitioners of various modalities. We have also heard from many hard-working, talented practitioners out there with help to offer, who:

~ would like people to know they are there to help.

~ would like to know of other trimmers - and would like other trimmers to know of them - so they can share, etc.

~ would like an alternative to "advertising".

Our aim is to enable these folks to partner-up.

Thus, PUP listing. It's time for a change. It makes sense and is for the horse. The list is updated each issue and you can join anytime. If you would like to join our Natural Hoof Trimmers PUP list, simply send us your name, state, phone, and email for us to insert on the page, and $20 - this kick-off rate, for a one-year updateable listing, is in effect through December 31, 2004. Please call 800-660-8923 for further details, and check out the inside back cover to see our first Natural Hoof Trimmers Partner-Up Page.

Enjoy the issue!