Crucial Experience: Mare Saved at Last Minute


A veterinarian ‘tells all'...

'Actually, I used the BICOM Bioresonance device out of pure despair. A mare had given birth to a foal one day before my visit. The owner had administered a Rezequim vaccine (a herpes/ influenza vaccine) to the mare. The following day the mare experienced a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine. She spiked a high fever. Cessation of her milk ensued, coupled with the gradual deterioration of her general condition. Initially, I treated her the traditional way. There was no success. In the evening, the mare's condition worsened, the fever was higher, respiration was 80-90, nostrils were dilated with a high pulse rate, and the horse was wet all over. She was in agony, dying. The mare stood with legs splayed in the corner. Infusions did not make a lot of sense, because the shock could not be treated.

Therefore, I treated with the BICOM machine, using the elimination program, in order to reduce the fever. During the treatment the horse began drying out from front to back. The respiration of the horse normalized, and the pulse was near normal. During treatment the fever was reduced. All of a sudden the mare was walking normally, and began taking care of her foal. Unbelievable.'

Dr. Denzinger, DVM, Germany


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