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Arthritis: The Mineral Perspective

By Marjorie Smith

Sticks and stones may heal those bones… Minerals are abundant in the earth and in the wild horse's natural environment. Modern horsekeeping, however, minimizes natural selection of foods, and agricultural practices have depleted the soils. Supplementation is recommended in most domestic situations today.


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What's In A Mane?

By Bob Smith

Concerns about mineral imbalances and toxins among horses, as well as people and pets, are quite valid. Knowing what these levels are in a given individual is a vital component of the healthcare equation. With horses, a piece of mane is a readily available key to this knowledge, and a simple hair mineral analysis offers both prevention and treatment.



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Natural Hoofcare and Horsemanship: A Good Find

By Tom Moates


The varied terrains in which the wild horses roam and thrive keep their hooves worn to optimum shape and condition. For the kept horse, hoof trimming to mimic natural wear is an essential part of his care - along with natural horsemanship, which promotes understanding and cooperation.

Photo by Tom Moates



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Angel's Broken Wing

By Sharon Garcia

Homeopathy can play a vital role in rehabilitation, whether alone or with other healing modalities. It enables proper utilization of nutrients, promotes healthy growth, and stimulates healing… even when all odds are against you.

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LCR has rescued over a hundred horses and saved many from slaughter. Some have needed special care and veterinary help. Many need TLC, rehabilitation, and sometimes all they need is time - time to heal - more time than their former owners were willing to give. LCR provides vet care, farrier care, nourishing foods, rest, and most importantly lots of love. Our horses have gone on to enjoy new and improved lives and we monitor the well being and whereabouts of all horses that pass through our facility... forever.

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