Cowboy Poetry




By Harold Roy Miller


I saw a documentary about a wild horse called Cloud,

a symbol of freedom standing strong and proud.

He lives in the Rockies and is a cowboy’s delight

with his distinctive coat of gold and white.


I later read an article on this life of this steed

in one of the many horse publications I read.

It touched my heart and gave me pangs

at the plight of Montana’s wild mustangs.


The rider on the bill introduced by Senator Conrad Burns

has caused the wild horse advocates some real concerns.

He wants BLM to penetrate the mustangs’ stronghold

and round up for auction horses over ten years old.


This means some wild ones will no longer roam

in the Pryor Mountains they now call home.

If this drastic herd reduction is to be allowed,

it could spell adversity for the stallion known as Cloud.


Even though in this matter Cloud has no voice,

if it were up to me, and I had a choice,

the mustangs would run free in the desert rimrock

and that senator would be on the auction block.


About the author:

Harold Roy Miller was born in Mississippi, raised in Arizona and now lives with his wife in Nevada on a small ranch raising gaited horses. Harold is a correctional officer at the state prison and he writes cowboy poetry, mostly about horses, for fun.

Editor's note:

Cloud, wild stallion of the Rockies, had his 10th birthday on May 29th, 2005.