Volume 7 Issue 4

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Barefoot Rehabilitation

By Peter Laidely

Barefoot’s advantages enable hooves to be rehabilitated, with correct, natural hoofcare. Rehabilitation refers to health, use, life, “good condition”, and function. A lot of hooves need restoration, and appropriate barefoot trimming can help. Here’s how Peter does it.












Weed or Feed? Good Minerals in Herbs


Weeds and herbs dig deep for vital minerals and other nutrients. It's nature's way of bringing balance back to the soil, and those living on it. They seek out and take up crude elements from their environments and make them into utilizable minerals and other nutrients for those who eat them.




Cloud's New Foals – Nature Prevails

An adaptation from Notes from the Field: The Search for Wild Horses

By Ginger Kathrens

Update on the endangered Pryor herds: Sitka and her colt, one of Cloud’s two new foals. (Cloud’s filly is pictured on the cover.) This 16-year-old mare gave birth to her healthy dark-colored colt the day I was there. I saw him from far away, across Big Coulee, and couldn’t believe my eyes. Sitka has been on PZP, the controversial infertility drug for two years. Regardless, she and Cloud seemed to say, “We are having a baby!”


Essential Oils and The Psyche

By Frances Fitzgerald Cleveland

Many things in a lifetime can negatively affect one's psyche. Essential oils work in individual ways with individual psyches, and can help restore equilibrium, as many people have realized for themselves and for their loved ones and animals.




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Tranquility Farm Equestrian Education and Renewal Center, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose purpose is to pair rescued horses with persons suffering from physical, mental or emotional injury, and to provide a safe, nurturing environment that fosters the therapeutic relationship between species - all tailored to individual needs. Along with equine partnerships, Tranquility Farm provides basic horsemanship lessons, leasing, boarding, and educational clinics, and opportunities for companionship, identification with a social group, exercise, and the chance to rebuild trust in others and confidence in one's self.


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On the cover:

Cloud and Velvet’s daughter, born in May 2005 on Sykes Ridge. The spectacular Bighorn Canyon can be seen in the background.
Photo by Ginger Kathrens, courtesy of The Cloud Foundation, www.thecloudfoundation.org