Cowboy Poetry

Shasta Freeman (left) with Go Boy's Amber Lady (right) - "Perfect Pair", Photo Contest Winner, 3rd place in the Friendship category


Perfect Pair

By Harold Roy Miller


My young gelding and little mare
seem to make a perfect pair.
One's a sorrel, the other's a buckskin,
and each is glad to have a friend.

If the gelding's in the corral
he follows around his favorite gal.
If he's locked up in his paddock,
he'll lure her over with horsey talk.

When I watch them, I have found
they really like to horse around.
She pins her ears as if to fight,
but it was love for him at her first bite.


About the author:

Harold Roy Miller was born in Mississippi, raised in Arizona and now lives with his wife in Nevada on a small ranch raising gaited horses. Harold is a correctional officer at the state prison and he writes cowboy poetry, mostly about horses, for fun.