From the Editor





Life is full of transitions - all kinds of them. Seasons change during annual cycles, and the natural flow of change is good; it is stimulating, and it keeps things interesting and balanced, naturally.

Transitions occur every moment in nature. Transitions result from things we do, such as when we decide to pursue a new path, like adopting new methods in horsekeeping. (See Stable Environment in this issue for ideas.) When changing from 'conventional' to 'natural', some take a leap, others take small steps. Whether you decide on an 'open stall door' policy, a shoe-free herd, a natural deworming program, a homeopathic first-aid kit, a natural horsemanship endeavor, joining or starting a truly horse-friendly organization, allowing your horse to grow his whiskers and hair back, scheduling a regular time to just watch the herd, or simply adopting a healthy lifestyle for yourself, your horse will THANK YOU. Whether you plan an immediate total upheaval or one minor change at a time is up to you - just keep your horse's best interests in mind, and make gradual changes in his feeding program. Any small change toward natural is a benefit to your horse; if all you can do is one small change for now, that is a plus.

Also in this issue of Natural Horse, you will find some interesting and informative articles on the nature of the horse from various other aspects. We as people are largely responsible for what is happening on our planet, and are responsible for doing our part in preserving it for future people. We can live AND be in harmony with nature, without ruining the earth. If we respect nature, we respect ourselves, and we respect our future as people, as we are a part of nature.

On another topic, did you notice that Natural Horse - the cover - has a new look? We hope you like it. We welcome your comments.

And last but not least, many thanks to all of you who entered our Natural Horse Photo Contest. We sure had fun looking through all those great pictures! It was tough choosing winners. See the winning photos on pages xx-xx, and remember, if you didn't win, watch for your horse's photo in future issues of Natural Horse - it's our way of paying tribute to the horses you love… and YES, we plan to have another photo contest in the future. We will keep you posted. Many huge THANKS to our wonderful friends for their generous prizes - what wonderful prizes they are!

Coming soon - another Natural Horse Contest - "Short Stories about My Natural Horse"! Details available soon.

Enjoy the issue!