Volume 7 Issue 5

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Hands On

Read Your Horse’s Body Language

By Barbara Chasteen

As he moves through life, changes happen to the horse’s body, mind and heart. By tuning in to your horse’s current conformation (posture) and movement, you can learn to read the signs of these changes. Any problems you notice are signs not of a washed-up horse, but of opportunities for healing.


Stable Environment

Introducing Nature to an Unnatural World - Difficult, but Not Impossible

By Alene Sibley

Hard-feelings and arguments can arise when viewpoints differ dramatically, often seen in the clash of “natural” versus time-honored “traditional.” Surrounded by convention, it can be difficult for the more alternative-style horse owner to stand firm for their ideals. Difficult, but not impossible.


Herbs for Health

Growing Herbs for Horses

By Shari Frederick

In a perfect world, horses freely roam in search of food, herbs and a wide variety of plants, trees and brush to maintain a natural, healthy balance. Today, horse caretakers can grow many herbs at home - naturally.


For the Rider

Overcoming Fear

By Kimberly Poppiti

Nearly everyone who rides horses has felt afraid up there at some point. By understanding fear, we can deal with it accordingly - we can learn to control fear by responding appropriately to it.



Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary

Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 tax -exempt organization dedicated to saving Premarin (PMU) mares and foals from slaughter. We are a voice for the many equines that cannot speak for themselves, working to end horse slaughter in America. Through education, we are confident we can enlighten the public about the horrors behind the premarin industry and horse slaughter, and be a catalyst for change so these noble animals may finally live a life without abuse, pain and suffering.

Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary
PO Box 1685
Green Valley, AZ 85645
520-398-2814 (Phone)
520-398-3221 (Fax)




Barbara Chasteen
Alene Sibley
Shari Frederick
Kimberly Poppiti
Marjorie Smith
Jock Ruddock
Marijke van de Water
Ginger Kathrens
David Shoe
Amy Snow and Nancy Zidonis
Franklin Levinson
Harold Roy Miller
Stevi Weissbach
Joseph Thomas

On the cover:

Seasons change, nature cycles, and horses adapt - naturally, if we let them.