From the Editor

So Glad I Found You

How often have you heard, “I’m so glad I found you - I didn’t know you were out there!”? (We have been hearing that since we started printing Natural Horse Magazine over 8 years ago.)

NHM has been doing something about that with our Partner-Up Page for Barefoot Hoof Trimmers, and we’ve recently responded to requests to expand the page to other areas of expertise. Our mission is to partner those who want help with those who provide it. If we network, we can better help our horses.

We just expanded the Barefoot Hoof Trimmers Partner-Up Page to include websites, trimmers’ credentials, and more, and we’ve included categories for horse-friendly things like bodywork and other natural and holistic practices, as well as other hands-on horse helpers, educational institutions, associations and organizations. We have some interesting opportunities for you that we think you will really like. We also have a free do-it-yourself Calendar of Events at

The new, improved Partner-Up Pages now appear in the Print magazine (see page 48), the Online magazine, and on our website, accessible to the public. See The pages are ready for your listing - please call 800-660-8923 or email for details.

If you have good things to offer horses and their people, please consider partnering with us and listing in the online directory - check out the Partner-Up Pages online. We’d love to have you as a partner, naturally!

Thank you for doing whatever you do to help horses - and their people!hoofprint



PS - Enjoy the issue, LOTS of great stuff inside, and Think SPRING!