Volume 8 Issue 2


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Interview with Carolyn Resnick

At liberty

By Kristina McCormack

Carolyn Resnick, author of Naked Liberty, is a horse trainer, teacher, and writer who has developed a way of working with horses at liberty that fosters a horse-human relationship of true friendship and deep trust. Worked in this way, horses develop an extreme desire and ability to learn. 

Photo courtesy of Carolyn Resnick



Becoming a Horseman: Equine Ethology

By David Stuart


Horses teach people, so that people are then able to teach horses. Equine ethology was born of a desire to help man in order to help the horse. This quest is a re-discovery of knowledge and experience accumulated over centuries and adapted to modern circumstances.

Photo courtesy of National Equine Ethology Centre




Developing Safety and Control


By Nancy Faulconer

As a parent, it is YOUR responsibility to keep your children safe. This includes proper footwear, attire and education. There are lots of kids out there riding unsafe horses. The most basic rule of safety is to make your children AWARE of personal space.



Cavalia Soars: Equestrian Theatrical Performance Mingles Traditional and Innovative Forms Onstage

By Kimberly Poppiti


Attending Cavalia at a sold-out matinee performance in Washington, DC was an inspirational experience. Having studied equestrian theatre for years and even writing my doctoral dissertation on the topic, I expected to enjoy the show. Two and a half hours later, as I left the theatre tent, I was filled with awe at what horses and humans could accomplish together.  

Photo by Frederic Chehu












On the Cover:
Flint, Smokey and Mahogany coming to greet Ginger Kathrens on her ranch in Colorado. Flint is Ginger’s 50 mile endurance horse, a grullo Spanish Mustang from the Brislawn’s Cayuse Ranch in Northeastern Wyoming. Smokey and Mahogany, Cloud’s birth sisters from the Pryor Mountains of Montana, are owned by Ann Evans who rides both mares in Endurance. Mahogany is a multiple Best Conditioned winner in Limited Distance Rides. Flint is a top competitor in Endurance, finishing First and Best Conditioned in his last outing.  Photo by Ginger Kathrens