Pony Express



Harold Roy Miller

Go Boy's Amber Lady and Harold Roy Miller share a laugh.


Have you ever had a horse you couldn’t train,
where nothing sinks into its left or right brain?
There is a lot of teeth gritting as you pit your skill
against its dense, aggravating, stubborn will.

You lunge it till you are blue in the face
but that doesn’t seem to get you any place.
Trying to achieve ‘join up’ is a frustrating endeavor
when afterwards the horse behaves worse than ever.

You buy a few training tapes and DVD’s
and make a little progress with some of these;
but deep down you feel you’ll never actually reach
this horse that you desire so much to teach.

So, like most horse folks, you pay an exorbitant price
for some professional clinician expert’s advice.
But the horse quickly forgets what he was taught
so the money you spent was all for naught.

You are ready to give up in total disgust.
You feel you’ll never gain its respect or trust.
The best solution may be just to turn it out to pasture
because this is one situation you can’t seem to master.

Then just when you’ve about reached the end of your rope,
something happens that gives you a glimmer of hope.
The horse pays attention and acts like it understands,
and actually complies when you give cues or commands.

The realization hits you that the horse is gaining
some comprehension of your techniques and training.
That’s the time that you bond and the leadership struggle ends
and you and your “untrainable” horse become best friends.

About the author:

Harold Roy Miller was born in Mississippi, raised in Arizona and now lives with his wife in Nevada on a small ranch raising gaited horses. Harold is a security guard for the Nevada National Guard and he writes cowboy poetry, mostly about horses, for fun.