From the Editor

Go Ride!!

… while you still can. IF the NAIS has its way, our riding days may be numbered. At least our carefree riding days will be. In this issue we present a brief but critical look at NAIS and what it means to horse lovers, nature lovers, small farmers who graze/ free-range their animals, and more.

You will also find some great articles about riding (so you get out there and do it!) from the experts, and lots of great information on sensible and natural care and feeding ideas. The younger generation has contributed as well, which I find inspiring, encouraging, motivating, fun, and informative!

It is spring here in the US, my favorite time of year, and the days are longer and warmer with bright colors and lots of activity and chatter among the little creatures. Nature is in its glory as it emerges from its winter sleep, a mild winter but effective enough. Soon the winter coats will be shed out completely and the flies will be in high gear, so be sure to read the article on repelling insects naturally.

Thank you to our Writing Contest participants - we loved reading your stories! We have notified the winners (page 45) - see what they have won, and watch for their stories in future issues.

Please check out our growing Partner-Up Pages, the place to find all things good and natural for your horse family. There are plenty of good horse caregivers out there, from head to hoof, so let's include them in the team effort it takes to wholistically care for our horses. We simply can't do it all; hands-on help is available for what we cannot do or don't learn to do ourselves.

Enjoy the spring, enjoy the issue, and enjoy your horses - go out and ride!Hoofprint