The Equine Touch Visits PA

ClassWaiting patiently and captively for the release
The Move
"The move"…
Ivana, a former lecturer in anatomy, astounds the students with her wealth of pertinent knowledge

May 26, 27 and 28 brought a very special Memorial Day holiday to Maiden Springs Farm in southeastern PA. It was a beautiful weekend with cooperative weather for the Equine Touch clinic, taught by Dr. Ivana Ruddock. All in attendance were awed not only by Ivana's wealth of knowledge but by the responses from the horses as the students learned to do this unique bodywork that is so simple (!) yet so profound. As each day progressed, the participants grew more proficient at the hands-on technique known as the 'move'. The horses responded favorably in their own unique ways - zoning out, yawning, licking and chewing, quivering, itching, stretching, draining, and more as they released past trauma and rebalanced. Here are a few peeks, and in the next issue there will be more on Jock and Ivana Ruddock's The Equine Touch.

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