The Connections of Nature

It doesn't take much to realize that what affects one thing on this planet affects all things, however distantly.

At the Equine Touch clinic in PA over Memorial Day weekend, we were reminded that fascia runs throughout the body and is connected like one big continuous sheet. A wrist injury, for instance, may develop tightness, pulling on the fascia in another area, like the shoulder or neck. If the neck hurts worse, we tend to assume the original injury lies there, and we may overlook the real place of injury.

It is the same in nature, where one thing affects everything else. Polluting a stream pollutes everywhere that stream flows, and everything that drinks from it, and everything that eats something that drinks from it. Same for polluting the air. What we do in our home town can affect the other side of the world.

The good thing about 'anything affects everything' is that it doesn't have to be in a negative way. A favor for a friend sends a favor in another direction. A smile sends warmth to the receiver and beyond. A kind deed or an encouraging word ripples out in many directions. And it may eventually come back to you to give away again.

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