Heather and Tux Update: Saving the Innocents
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SAVING THE INNOCENTS: A journey to the source to say “NEIGH” to PREMARIN

Heather and Tux
Heather and Tux

On Monday, August 21st, Heather Evans from the Live and Let Live Farm, an Equine Rescue facility in Chichester, NH, will arrive at the Wyeth Pharmaceuticals’ Headquarters in Madison, NJ, in an effort to raise awareness about the cruelty to horses in the production of Wyeth-Ayerst’s PREMARIN. PREMARIN is a Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), used to treat menopausal or post-hysterectomy women and it is made from PREgnant MARe urINe.
To produce Premarin, pregnant mares are hooked up to rubber urine-collection bags and tethered in stalls so small they cannot even turn around or lay down comfortably. They are forced to stay in this position for 6 months, while their bodies are producing the most estrogen. They are also deprived of sufficient water, in order to maintain the concentrated estrogen in the urine. Within days of giving birth in the spring, the mares are reimpregnated. Fertile mares may go through this process many times, over years in their lifetime.
The foals---all but a few kept for stud purposes or to replace worn-out mares, are sold at auction. From there, most go to feedlots to be fattened for slaughter. The mares too are slaughtered once they can no longer become pregnant or if they become too lame to stand in the small stalls.
Up until November of 2005, Live and Let Live Farm was one of many rescue havens that were pre-adopting these foals and mares in advance of them being sent to auction/slaughter. However, the pharmaceutical company Wyeth reneged on the last load of animals that were pre-adopted and have canceled the program. Now, all farmers must take their offspring to auction, where most are purchased for slaughter to provide meat, a delicacy in European countries, or lose their subsidy from the drug company. Heather Evans has chosen to fight a brave fight on behalf of these innocent animals, and urge women to choose a synthetic estrogen alternative to Premarin. She has raised money to support her trip through generous donations and the support of the Live and Let Live Farm’s philanthropic network. Heather, along with her horse Tux, will travel to Wyeth’s campus in Madison, NJ to urge Wyeth to change their policy and allow equine rescue facilities to save the by-product of their drug production, the baby horses.
Heather hopes to return home with the peace of mind that Premarin mares and foals can be placed in loving homes and saved from sure death. If Wyeth should refuse to change their view, Heather will continue on to Texas or Illinois, where the auctions are held for meat-buyers, and buy as many babies as possible with the money raised to support her ‘Saving the Innocents’ project. Donations have been coming in regularly through her website at www.savingtheinnocents.com and the non-profit equine rescue Live and Let Live Farm at www.liveandletlivefarm.org.
Heather began her project on May 21st, 2006 with a walk from New Hampshire to Manitoba, Canada, where most of the Premarin ‘Pee’ farms are located. She had to end her journey in July due to a foot injury, but has chosen ‘Plan B’ as an alternative. Heather has been greeted by media coverage and the kindness of strangers since the beginning. The generosity has been astounding.
If you would like to meet Heather and Tux, you will find them beginning Monday, August 21st, 2006 at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, 5 Giralda Farms, Madison, NJ.
To learn more about ‘Saving the Innocents’, Premarin, or to make a tax-deductible donation, please visit:
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Update on Heather Evans, Monday, August 21, 2006
from Teresa Paradise (Heather’s mom)
Wow ~ I’m so excited I don’t know where to start. Heather has actually met with someone at Wyeth Corporate Headquarters in Madison, New Jersey!!
Where to start? ... Okay, she got lost again. So she called me around 10:30 this morning. I got on Google hybrid maps (a hybrid map is essentially a satellite map with names on the streets ~ isn’t technology wonderful?), and she told me where she was (kind of). Anyway, after a little over an hour, we had brought her TO the Wyeth ‘campus’, (a very large piece of land, all fenced in, with at least Wyeth corporate headquarters inside), driving around it a few times, and finally, to the dirt parking lot Heather remembered (it was paved on the satellite photo and in reality). When we hung up, she had Tux out of the trailer and was going to saddle him up and ride over to one of the three entrance/exit routes to/from Wyeth.
About an hour later, Lissa calls me to tell me Heather was talking to Wyeth people!! (Go figure...she’s in trouble, she calls me. She has exciting news, she calls Lissa.)
Anyway, now I’ve talked to her, and this is what happened. Within about an hour of her being there (she did not ride Tux, she walked him again ~ what is WRONG with that girl???) a security person came out to her and said... “Heather Evans, I presume?” (Can you imagine? Our little girl with the funny hat from NH walks up to the worldwide Wyeth headquarters and THEY KNOW HER??) Anyway, Heather responds, “yeah, how did you know?” And he said, “It’s my JOB to know.” Very cool.
He told her that a meeting had been arranged for her, but that there were no accommodations for Tux. Basically what happened next, no one who has been reading this journal about Heather should be surprised at. She told them that she was not going to leave Tux alone out there, and that they could go meet her out there! AND THEY DID!!!!!!
Next thing she knew, the head of security, I think his name is Ernie Coons, and Mr. Douglas Petkus, Vice President of Business and Financial Communications (she has his business card) went out to meet her. From what I can figure from the times she spoke to Lissa twice and then calling me, they were with her for at least 40 minutes!! I am SO impressed with Heather.
Heather said that both the gentlemen from Wyeth were very nice and polite. Doug, as Heather called him, even brought 3 carrots and 2 apples to Tux and fed them to him himself!!
The conversation, however, didn’t go exactly as Doug expected, I presume. He kept repeating, “We believe our policy works.” And Heather kept telling him the reasons why it doesn’t. He told her that she had to look at it from both sides. She told him that no, she only had to look at it from the horses’ side ~ that it was Wyeth that had to look at it from both sides. (You go, girl!) Doug said that one reason that Wyeth did not let Rescues buy the foals is that they feared meat buyers POSING as rescuers would end up with foals (Big Bad Wolf syndrome).
After all was pleasantly said and done, Doug may have been a little bit frustrated, because Heather was not the kooky, naive New Hampshire girl he expected after watching her circle the area for 1/2 an hour. He left telling her that he would be in touch.
Heather said something very close to this. “Well, I won’t be hard to find. When you want to talk to me again, just look outside. I’ll be here.”
And she and Tux have been walking the perimeter of the fenced-in Wyeth complex since then.

Live and Let Live Farm, Inc.
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