From the Editor


Bringing Back the Pony Express

What do you do when you have:
A pony or horse who needs exercise
+ a need to run to the post office daily
+ a desire to help the world by reducing pollution and curbing gas consumption
Bring back the Pony Express!

OK, so it's no big deal to those who use a horse for transportation every day and think nothing of it. But it is a novelty to some of us. And other than traffic, the Pony Express riders of yesteryear would surely consider today's threats and surroundings a piece of cake in comparison. So why not?

To stop the environmental destruction of mother Earth, big things are important, but the little things add up too. It is beyond time to stop overconsuming, generating waste, and underexercising… and that includes our horses. Exercise is one of the best things for the horse, especially the insulin resistant horses, so it only makes sense.

I think the horse likes to have a job, and likes to serve his partners.  I had read about two girls out west who began riding their horses to high school instead of driving, mostly because of the gas costs, and the horses were kept in a grass corral at school - until the school decided to stop the practice. Why would they do that? Wouldn't they want to support this alternative form of transportation, and the building of human animal relationships? Wouldn't they want to help stop pollution? Maybe they thought manure was a worse form of pollution… but manure is a valuable product when appropriately used. Wouldn't they want to use the opportunity to teach the recycling of waste, and the growing of healthy food using healthy, naturally fertilized soil? Well, I thought those girls were presenting an excellent example, and think it should be encouraged. I think there could have been a lot of good things learned from it... anything to get us back to nature and understanding and appreciating our Earth, the very thing that sustains us.

Which is why Natural Horse exists. Thank you for reading NHM, for your gift subscriptions to friends, for spreading the word about natural alternatives to others, and for doing things naturally FOR the horse.

As always, enjoy the issue!Hoofprint

PS - Please come visit our booth at the Virginia Equine Extravaganza this October 27, 28, 29, in Richmond, VA. We will be at booth 1111 in the Henrico building. See you there!