Volume 8 Issue 5


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The Missing Link in Laminitis:
Healthy Horse - Laminitic Horse

By Joseph Thomas

Laminitis is a metabolic disease that affects the hoof, not a disease of the hoof per se. To begin to understand how to reverse laminitis, it is essential to know where and how excess glucose is produced - and how laminitis begins, progresses and continues.




Touch Tips

Lighten Up… Your Horse’s Life


By Barbara Chasteen

A horse’s forequarters are strongly affected by almost every aspect of her life including how she lives, the rider’s balance and actions, tack and training devices, nutrition and old injuries… yet there are ways to help keep your horse’s front end aligned, comfortable and functional.




Hoofcare Highlights

Reversing Distal Descent of P3


By Pete Ramey

In the healthiest of equine feet, the hoof walls should be firmly attached to the coffin bones and the coronet should lie at the same level or even slightly below the coffin bone (P3). All too often, in our domestic horses, we see the coffin bones, literally the whole horse, descending through the hoof capsule over time.




Feed Facts and Fancies

Hemp: For Your Horse's Health

Hemp Chart

By Letizia Gasparetti

The hempseed and nut are powerhouses of nutrition. Hemp has been called by some the most nutritionally complete food source in the world. Among the reasons why are essential fatty acids, and much more.







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