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Homeopathy for Cat-tastrophes

It isn't every day that cats will have a spat, but no matter when it happens, homeopathy is a good thing to know for such an event.

Cat bites and claw wounds, being typically puncture wounds, can be nasty no matter how small, and can easily become infected. Such infections can lead to even more serious problems, whether they happen to another cat, or you. (If rabies is a concern, see your veterinarian - or your doctor, if you are the victim.)

The first defense, if your cat comes around battered and torn, is to reach for homeopathy. I like to give Arnica first (either a pellet crushed between two spoons or dissolved in a syringe of water), as it addresses injury to all aspects of the being - emotional as well as physical. While the Arnica does its magic, I go prepare the homeopathic Ledum and Hypericum, and perhaps some calendula or hypericum mother tincture to make a wash for any open wounds.

Homeopathic Ledum is well-known as the premiere remedy for puncture wounds, and Hypericum is well-known for its affinity with injured nerves and nerve pain (nerves are extensive throughout the body). Hypericum powder was used in soldiers' wounds in days of old to protect them from infection. Hypericum and calendula tinctures, a few drops each mixed into 1/4 cup warm water, is a great rinse for wounds; adding a dash of salt makes it a soothing and healing wash for irritated eyes as well. Homeopathic Ledum is also helpful for blunt blows to the eye. Interestingly, it is documented in homeopathic literature that Ledum and Hypericum together can protect against tetanus (which is a problem more for horses and people than cats and dogs). These remedies help prevent abscessing, which bites often cause. It is believed by some veterinary homeopaths that Lyssin (the rabies nosode) could protect against rabies. (But don't take chances with rabies - it is deadly.)

I like to space the homeopathic remedies about 5 minutes apart, at first, if the injuries are painful and the cat is stressed or weakened. After improvement is seen, the remedies can be spaced to an hour or several hours, depending on the cat's response.

Add some TLC and perhaps a respite for your feline friend, and he will soon be on the mend. With a little homeopathy, a lot can be prevented. fin