From the Editor

'Tis the Season

The time of year for family gatherings and holiday cheer is upon us… and the joy of gift giving. We have been asked about our subscription specials, and yes, they are still in effect for multiple subscriptions if you are considering Natural Horse as a gift for a friend or friends (or a friend's horse!) You can find details on page 43 in this issue.

A magazine gift subscription makes a lot of sense - it is a gift that keeps on giving, all year. Some of my favorite magazines (Homeopathy Today, Back Home, and Acres USA) were gifts.

You can also find great gifts among the books and videos we feature in the Book Bits and Video 'Views section. In this issue, there are some fine books about the wild horses, with stunning photography.

There will likely be specials from your favorite suppliers on such things as homeopathic remedy kits, or essential oils or flower essences kits - all would make great gifts. And of course these can be gifts for horses too.

I think one of the greatest gifts one can give one's horse is Equine Touch. One course and you will have the means to wholistic body balancing, well-being, and relaxation at your fingertips - Equine Touch is a wonderful gift for your horse. (I am going to go out and gift my horses with some Equine Touch this weekend.) See the article in this issue for more details on The Equine Touch. Their basic worldwide schedule appears on the inside front cover of each issue.

And on that note, we give you this issue - we think it is an exceptional issue (your comments are appreciated, as always, thank you!).

We hope you have a very special, peaceful, and happy holiday season, and we'll see you next year.

Enjoy the issue!fin