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Kids Roundup Natural Horse Careers: The Holistic Health Care Practitioner (Part 1 of 3) by Jennie Kramer “What do you want to be when you grow up?” If the average 18-year-old had a quarter for every time they were asked this question growing up, my guess is that most could be…well… retired. A lucky few are fortunate enough to know the answer to this inquiry from a young age. Others, not so much. It could be that you’re a few years (or decades) older and still trying to figure out the answer. No matter. If, in some quite moment, you have ever wondered what it would be like to indulge your interest in all things equine…to take that leap and make your passion your career…then there may be no better time than now. An article titled “Millennials Are Driving Growth of Holistic Pet Care”, published on the Veterinarian’s Money Digest website, estimates that as of 2017 millennials represented 1 in 3 pet owners; in other words, this health-conscious demographic is slowly replacing aging baby boomers as the pet-owning majority. Like the generation before them, millennials want what is best for their animal companions. Willing to 28 • NATURAL HORSE Magazine – VOLUME 20 ISSUE 3 invest in their animals’ health and happiness, these caregivers have become the driving force in the growth of the holistic pet care industry. As you may have guessed, this translates to a growing demand for qualified holistic pet care professionals. Wondering if a career in the natural horse industry is right for you? Look no further. Natural Horse has rounded up a few of our “experts in the field” for a three-part series revealing their candid answers to some of your most pressing questions: What does a typi-